Haute Florist: Mother’s Day Artisan Flowers

There’s nothing quite like getting an unexpected knock at the door and being surprised by a beautiful bouquet of artisan flowers to celebrate Mother’s Day!

My children surprised me with the Graceful Beauty bouquet from Haute Florist this week, which has put the biggest smile on my face because of how colourful, natural and uplifting these beautiful blooms are in my home and I couldn’t resist sharing them with you all.

Haute Florist: Mother’s Day Artisan Flowers

I am such a keen gardener and have been super excited for Springtime to get underway to add a splash of colour to the garden again which I overlook as I work from home. Now I have a beautiful bouquet of flowers to brighten up the lounge with deep shades of Veronica Blue and blue Lisianthus along with lighter Memory Lane Roses and White Snapdragons.

This arrangement of several colours and textures of flowers creates such perfect harmony and looks so fresh and natural in my countryside home. There are also some Stallion Chrysanthemums, Tanacetum, Green Bell, and Blue Eryngium mixed in which create such a delightful array and feast for the senses.

I Love My ‘Graceful Beauty’ Mother’s Day Flowers From Haute Florist

It’s always a wonderful time to send and receive flowers as a gift, thank you or simply to brighten a loved ones day on any occasion. I find the best way to keep my flowers looking their very best is to use a clean vase filled two-thirds of the way up with water and to remove any leaves from the stem that sit below the waterline.

I like to trim a few centimetres off of their stems every couple of days and change the water every other day to keep it super fresh. Keeping my flowers away from direct sunlight as well as radiators helps to keep them pert and I remove any wilting flowers and guard petals as soon as they turn. I hope you’re able to enjoy fresh flowers in your home this Mother’s Day and shower your mother with love, light and positivity today and always.

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