A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing An Excellent Wholesale Clothing Supplier

Making the decision to launch your own fashion company is hugely exciting – yet very daunting. There are many things that you need to consider, such as your brand name, logo, and retail premises. To make your new business venture a success, you will need to find a wholesale supplier that you can trust. 

A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing An Excellent Wholesale Clothing Supplier

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Luckily, this beginner’s guide is here to help you. Below – are three things that you should take into consideration when choosing your wholesale clothing supplier. It’s time to stand out amongst your competition with unique, attention-grabbing pieces. 

Ensure You Can Buy In Bulk 

Does your wholesaler let you buy clothing in bulk? This is an important question you should always ask yourself before making a deal. If you find an item of clothing that you know will be a popular sell, you want to be able to have lots of it in stock. If a supplier doesn’t cater for bulk buying, it could damage your profit and your company’s reputation. No customer wants to experience “out of stock” items constantly. It can certainly drive them away.

There are many advantages to bulk buying that you can explore through some online research. Not only can it help you keep up with customer demand, but you may also get a better deal for stock. Wholesalers who let you buy in bulk will often have the incentive to give you a lower price because you are buying a lot of stock at one time. To retain a loyal customer base, you always want to have sought-after items in stock and to achieve this, bulk buying is the way to go. 

Look For Variety 

If you want to acquire a large clientele, you need to offer variety in your clothing pieces. Therefore, you must choose a wholesaler who caters for different shapes, sizes and styles. Failure to do this will mean you are limiting your options and narrowing your appeal to the mass market. The key is to think like a customer. Sometimes, they may walk into your shop without an idea of what they want to wear. Providing a variety makes the shopping experience more exciting – they are much more likely to fall in love with a piece rather than walking out without making a purchase.

If you are looking for a wholesaler who caters for this wide variety, take a look at Stylewise Direct. Their website is packed full of on-trend styles from puffer jackets to stunning summer dresses; they have it all. As a business owner, you never want to limit your catalogue of products. This can have a damaging effect on your profit and drive customers away. 

Focus On Company Reputation 

You should understand the risks that come with buying from a wholesaler. After all, you are buying stock from someone else, and you have to trust that it is good quality and that you are getting a good deal. Therefore, it is advised that you research the company’s reputation. Before you choose a wholesaler, look them up online. There are plenty of review sites that you can look at. If the wholesaler has a bad reputation, you know to steer clear of them and search for a new one. 

Once you have gained this information, you can seek comfort that you are putting your trust in the right wholesaler. It is important not to get distracted by the price of the stock. Just because one wholesaler is offering you a cheaper deal, this doesn’t mean that they are necessarily the best one to go for. Company reputation is key. Always do your research. 

Look Out For Popular Brands 

It is no secret that there are many leading brands in the fashion industry. If you can find a wholesaler that stocks some of them, you could be onto a winner. You want your business to stock clothing that is familiar to your customers. You will often find that your clientele are more attracted to clothing from a brand they already know. If you want to make money, you need to give the customers what they want. If you achieve this, you will see how it can positively affect profit.

Start by researching some of the leading fashion brands in the UK. There are plenty of resources that you can find online. It can also be beneficial to picture your target audience. Look on social media platforms and note down what people are currently wearing. You can then check if your wholesaler is stocking similar products that you know will sell well in your shop. 


Choosing a wholesaler can be the make or break of your company. However, if you follow these top tips below, you will be able to put trust in a wholesaler who you feel is the right fit for your business. The important thing to remember is variety. If you want to generate a healthy profit and cater to the masses, you will need to offer a wide product catalogue. With little to choose from, your clients can quickly lose interest in your brand and shop elsewhere, which is certainly something you want to avoid.


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