Tips For Increasing Your Income Outside Of Work

Do you think to yourself that you would like a little more income to supplement a certain lifestyle that you would like to live? It may be that you are happy with your job and don’t want to rock any boats by asking for a payrise, or looking elsewhere for a higher paid role. Instead, a side income can be a great option to help give you more experience in other areas as well as try your hands in something new. Maybe you are interested in buying bitcoin and seeing if you can make some extra money, or fancy doing something completely different, like teaching. Below we have put together four different things you could do outside of work to earn some extra income. 

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Home Tutoring 

Do you speak another language, or are particularly good at English or Maths? Why not use these skills to your advantage and offer to teach others in your spare time? If you speak another language fluently, then home tutoring people who want to learn another language could be a good side income for you. If you haven’t taught people before, you can give it a go for a few weeks and see if you enjoy it. If you don’t you can always give something else ago. You may find home tutoring a particularly rewarding job. 


If your skills at work can be done at home, then why not build a personal portfolio and take on some private clients. These clients will pay more than what you are earning at home and could lead to you going full time and working for yourself in the future. There are a whole variety of freelancing sites that you can use to gain clients, such as Peopleperhour or Fiver. Although some of these sites do have lower rates and plenty of competition so it may not be the route for you. Other routes could be contacting previous clients directly and letting them know that you are taking on private clients. 

Train In A New Passion And Offer Evening Classes

Do you like going to the gym? Or do you play a certain sport? If you are passionate, have you considered enrolling on an online course and qualifying in coaching that sport, or becoming a personal trainer? Or in anything you are passionate about. Once you have qualified you could teach that passion yourself and make a little side income. When you meet people who teach in the evening, you will normally find that what they do is a side income instead of their main job. 

Survey Sites 

Survey sites are a great little money maker if you want to top up your income. There are a whole variety of sites that will pay you a small fee to take part in their surveys from some reputable clients. These surveys don’t take long and can be done while you watch tv in the evening. It’s not something that will earn you a lot of money, it’s more of a side thing that will allow you to go out for an extra meal or two a month. 


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