Day 1

You scared me so much at first, when all of the signs pointed to you being there and my hands shook as I took the test. I hid in the bathroom counting, trying to pace myself with an invisible clock in my mind; I hoped I had done the test properly and that it wouldn’t give me a wrong answer. Only last week this same test had been negative but the doctor insisted that I try again to rule it out. And after a heart stopping three minutes there you were, ‘pregnant’ and it estimated a month, all at once I was filled with shock and happiness at the same time. It took me an afternoon of tears, mixed with every kind of emotion to accept what was happening, but I knew already that I loved you and that I couldn’t wait to meet you, or hear you or see you on a fuzzy screen just to know you were ok. I called my doctor to confirm the results and they booked me in for a weeks’ time to get checked over and confirm my dates and start the monitoring process, and I can’t wait, seven days seems so far away!

Me During The Pregnancy

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Tracy Kiss

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