Day 3

I felt like a kid at Christmas today and every time I said the word ‘pregnant’ to the select few we had chosen to tell that you are with us, the corners on my mouth form an irresistible curl and my smile is brighter and wider than it has been for a long time. A part of me still finds it so surreal; I’m still kind of accepting you are with me. I can’t stand waiting to know how long you have been here; you’ll never know how happy you make me already little one. But I just need to know that you are ok because you’ve got me worrying about you already…

Before bed my excitement dropped as I felt so tired and weak and just wanted to sleep. I had the familiar feelings of backache and cramping and when I went to the toilet I saw spots of blood. At first I didn’t think anything of it and went to bed and I slept well… for the final naive time.

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