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A year ago I underwent a triple procedure on television for Extreme Beauty Disasters to remove, replace and rebuild my breasts after my PIP silicone implants leaked into my body. I am thankfully entirely healed now, stronger, fitter and happier than ever and I cannot thank my surgeon and the team enough. From such pain and suffering came such light, happiness and safety. The show transforms people from their previously botched surgeries and crippling cosmetic treatments, rebuilding lives and restoring self-confidence at the same time, and I’m so excited that they’re filming a new series!

Extreme Beauty Disasters Are Filming A New Series!

Extreme Beauty Disasters Are Filming A New Series!

So if you have a terrible trout pout, filler fiasco, a beautician blown your botox, teeth whitening caused your teeth to crumble, a chemical peel left you burnt and scarred, lash extension addiction left your lashes bald, home hair dye wrecked your roots or your tattooed eyebrows gone badly wrong then get in touch because no matter the beauty disaster these amazing experts can help.

The team are incredibly helpful and professional, and despite my case being very personal with my breasts collapsing I was made to feel incredibly at ease, given help and advice throughout and spoke to a therapist to help me deal with any emotional concerns regarding my participation in the show. There is nothing to be worried or ashamed about, as in sharing your story and getting help for your problem you are also helping others to avoid the same path and educate the world on the massive importance of safe beauty practices and surgeries.

If you would like to contact the show you can email: [email protected] or call 0121 224 8343 for a confidential chat.

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