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Children have this beautiful ability to look at something completely new and exciting, tinker with it for a moment and then suddenly be amazing at it. Kids these days, they’re so fast to adapt aren’t they! With it being the summer holidays I was looking for something fun and creative for the children to do, something that didn’t involve batteries or televisions, but can be done on a nice sunny afternoon out in the garden, eating fruit, listening to music and making craft. So when Millie spotted these beautiful loom bands she was over the moon and fascinated by what she could create.

Millie Kiss Creates Loom Twister Loom Band Friendship Bracelets For HGL

Millie Kiss Creates Loom Twister Loom Band Friendship Bracelets For HGL

Loom bands are colourful stretchy loops that you twist together to create all sorts of funky and bright jewellery, from friendship bracelets to keyrings, rings and necklaces; and from the second Millie made her first one she was absolutely hooked. It’s kept her busy for hours on end and she has made the most adorable pieces for all of the family and her friends.

The Loom Twister creative case contains a hook tool, 25 S-clips, a loom and 2,000 twister bands. It is recommended for ages 8+, but at 6yrs old Millie is already a pro at it. For just £10.00 from Hobby Craft it is the perfect pocket-friendly summer treat that is fantastic value for money. It takes me back to my childhood when we’d make daisy chains in the garden or plait pieces of string to tie around our wrists, as loom bands stretch there’s no danger of getting them caught or tangled, digging into the skin or cutting off circulation.

Millie says “I love my loom bands because you can make all sorts of things with them. My favourite things that I make are bracelets because you can add little charms to them and I like to use rainbow colours so that it goes well with my clothes.

For more information, a full product range or to purchase the creative case you can visit Hobby Craft here!

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