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I have to confess that I’ve been hooked on an ITV2 TV series called ‘I Wanna Marry Harry’ which sees a normal everyday guy, Matthew Hicks, transformed into Prince Harry. And yes, you can watch it all on catch up! He introduces himself by saying how he often gets mistaken for the Prince, but as soon as girls realise he’s just a normal guy they instantly lose interest. It helps that he already looks similar to the Prince, but with a new hair do, wardrobe and lessons in royal etiquette he was rather convincing, especially to twelve stunning American beauties who were flown over to live in a stately home just outside of London in order to compete for his love.

Twelve Girls Compete For The Love Of A Fake Prince

Twelve Girls Compete For The Love Of A Fake Prince

The series is spread over eight episodes showing Matt, aka Prince Harry, getting to know the girls whilst trying to convince them that he is the real deal. To start with he plays it down, arriving in flash cars and helicopters, surrounded by paparazzi and official looking body guards in suits whilst dropping subtle hints about his royal responsibilities. As the girls begin to question who he is, they frolic in the hot tub, go horse riding, sailing, sight seeing and for romantic candlelit meals before he confesses to being Prince Harry. He can also choose to keep one girl in a special bedroom next door to his, away from the shared room with all the others, and this brings the opportunity for them both to be alone and talk whilst the other girls argue and plot ways to stand out.

The girls were obviously chosen because they were all beautiful, bubbly characters that had been promised the opportunity to meet their Prince Charming and find true love, but none of them would have ever dreamed it would be a real life Prince, or faux Prince as it were. They were all genuinely surprised and excited at first, and it was fascinating to see the girls separate like oil and water over their impression of Matt and their response to him revealing his royal title. You could literally see the dollar signs in the girls eyes as they confessed to Matt not normally being their type, but professed their undying love and deep emotion for him as they frolicked in bikinis and french kissed in turns. Other girls were quiet and reserved, drowned out by the louder characters and worried that they wouldn’t get the chance to speak to or get to know him because they didn’t stand out enough. And some girls were genuinely cautious, didn’t feel a connection and didn’t want to take part as he wasn’t for them.

Matt Plays A Convincing Prince Harry

Matt Plays A Convincing Prince Harry

I have to admit that although it was a strange situation to see twelve girls fighting over a man for his wealth and status, as they all comparing notes in their shared bedroom on his kissing techniques and electricity between them; Matt has in fact done the female race a great justice. He has shown the nation the beast within beauty, and gave us all a wake up call to take a long hard look at ourselves in the mirror. To have taken twelve stunning girls who may never have given him the time of day in everyday life, and have them all fighting over him for his attention and saliva is pure genius. He has exposed the true colours of the female, the desire for fame, wealth and status over that of love. And it made for compulsive viewing.

Towards the end of the series you realise that not every girl is a lost hope, as others pine over ex boyfriends, plot ways to annihilate the other girls and deliberately spoil their chances, or have a backup plan to go after one of Prince Harry’s rich friends if they’re not picked, just one stays quiet, polite and positively genuine throughout. And she is possibly the most ordinary of them all, with a kind heart and no ulterior motive, Matt finally finds his Princess. The twist comes when after asking all of the other girls to leave, he finally announces to his Princess that he is in fact Matt, and not Prince Harry, and asks her if she still cares for him for the man he really is. And in a heart warming and beautiful moment, she said that it doesn’t change a thing and they kiss in the moonlight under softly falling snow and twinkling lights. A butler then steps in to announce that a secret prize fund was at stake of $250,000 should any girl accept Matt for the man he really is, and as she had passed with flying colours they both took home the money to start a life together. Aww how sweet.

If anything, this show has served to highlight the ugliness of beauty, the back stabbing and bitchiness of women intent on a prize, and the ability of a woman to change her tastes, beliefs and morals purely to snare a wealthy man. In essence, a lot of women sold themselves out on television and lost. But sadly it’s not just the women on this show who are at fault, but hundreds upon thousands across the world, and the same can be said for men as well. Money should not motivate love, nor should physical appearance, age or religion or anything else for that matter. Love should be about a connection, a deep and meaningful emotion that only presents itself when two people fit perfectly.

Looks will not last, money can all too easily be spent and it’s simply a personality that remains untouched by age. Beauty comes from within the bones, from the depths of your heart and your everyday kind and thoughtful actions. You could be the most physically stunning woman in the world but have nothing going on between the ears, and when the botox and nip-tucks stop doing their job you’re left with nothing more than a zombie for a partner. It is the personality that prevails, the connection, loyalty and trust of a relationship and these days it is a very hard thing to find, but when you do find it, it lasts a lifetime and makes all predecessors seem totally insignificant. We can all learn a lesson from Matt and the girls, that no matter who you are, if it is meant to be then you will be loved for who and what you truly are. Because true love is priceless.

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