Shake Weight Roll Complete Upper Body Workout

When it comes to managing a busy single-parent lifestyle I’ve had to learn to multitask; I cook dinner whilst catching up with friends on the phone, wash the dishes whilst helping the children with their homework and walk to school carrying my three year old son on my back for a bit of added resistance because I have no time to go to the gym. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could do a quick and easy workout from home to fit around our work and family time that took care of multiple muscles at once! Oh, wait, we can? Apparently it’s called the Shakeweight Roll and I’ve just got my hands on it!

Shake Weight Roll Complete Upper Body Workout

Shake Weight Roll Complete Upper Body Workout

Having appeared on This Morning and Made In Chelsea it’s clear to see why celebrities such as Vernon Kaye and Binky Felted love this little lump as it helps to strength, sculpt and reshape your entire upper body in a tiny twelve minutes a day. The Shake Weight Roll combines the benefits of a push-up bar, ab wheel and dumbbells to work the abs, arms, chest and shoulders all at once. Within a few minutes of using it my triceps and biceps were on fire and I could really feel the tension in my core because it focuses on using resistance to strengthen the muscles and is compact and durable enough to be used both indoors and out.

The kit comes with a shake weight, stability pad, workout DVD and fitness photos to demonstrate each move through a series of standing, squatting, lungeing, lifting and rolling exercises. With each workout being just 11mins to 12mins long depending on which one it is it’s a great way to add a health kick to every day because the incredibly manageable time span can fit into my lunch break, whilst waiting for dinner in the evening or before the school run first thing in the morning and you feel it working instantly.

The weight is designed to be shook using dynamic inertia which uses short rapid movements to tighten the muscles, or submaximal isometric contraction to be precise. Within half a minute my arms burn and I can feel it working, and my core is as hard as rock after rolling; I feel so much better for bringing tone and strength to my upper body although I pull some pretty crazy faces when doing it because it gets your heart going and body heated! Since using the Shakeweight Roll I find it so much easier to carry the children, lift heavy shopping bags and control my coordination. It’s also really helpful having the stability pad as I’d usually use a yoga mat and workout on the carpet for a softer surface, but this really protects the knees, makes each repetition easier to control and gives me the balance and stability I need to help me to do each workout properly.

The Shakeweight Roll comes in a beginner package priced at £29.99, and Advanced for £39.99 and will certainly make a dent in achieving your dream body without hitting the gym!
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