AA Skincare Frankincense & Rose Face Toner

When it comes to skincare you may not have thought about nor used a toner before, and I hold my hands up to admit that at the age of twenty-eight this is one of my first experiences of this beauty product. Yet I have been a big fan of AA Skincare for some time now thanks to their vegan friendly traditional formulas made from sensationally exotic herbs, spices, perfumes and oils in a range of naturally effective beauty and well-being products that include creams, gels, balms and body care products. As their new toner has only just launched I couldn’t wait to find out what all of the fuss is about!

AA Skincare Frankincense & Rose Face Toner

AA Skincare Frankincense & Rose Face Toner

Toning should in fact be an essential part of every skincare and beauty regime as it refreshes, rehydrates and balances the skin in preparation for moisturising morning and night. Made using 100% natural ingredients that are suitable for all skin types this is the latest vegan-friendly offering in the AA Skincare Frankincense & Rose range which also includes cleansing gels, moisturising face lotions and deep cleansing masks made from pure essential oils. The 150ml recyclable pump spray is a conveniently compact size for popping into a handbag or gym kit to quench and refresh dry and tired skin throughout the day leaving my face feeling beautifully soft and calm thanks to its anti-inflammatory Honeysuckle, Rose Damascena and White Willow bark with extracts of anti-oxidant rich pomegranate and Frankincense to boost the skin and prevent fine lines and wrinkles in the battle against ageing.

To apply the toner I spritz a few pumps onto a cotton pad and sweep it in circles across my face, neck and eyes for which the clear thin liquid smells beautifully like a floral country garden. The toner is cool, refreshing and instantly quenching taking the harshness and heat out of my tired sensitive skin and balancing out my combination dry/oily zones to leave behind a peachy soft surface ideal for moisturising and makeup without the fear of cracking and caking to the dry and uneven areas around my chin and eyes. I try to remain barefaced whenever possible to allow my skin to breathe and spritzing on my toner certainly tidies up my complexion by taking the greasy sheen off of my face and lifting my tired skin for a more natural healthy non-makeup glow; an essential beauty bag must have for all ages!

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