Amazon White Tongue Print Swimsuit

I recently overcame my fear of drowning after being held under the water in a swimming pool as a child, and to celebrate my new found confidence I have started swimming again. Although I swim without lessons so I’m nothing amazing, but I enjoy taking my children to the shallow end of the local pool to get them accustomed to water, and I’ve managed a few lengths at a time now as I build up my strength and ability.

Amazon White Tongue Print Swimsuit

Amazon White Tongue Print Swimsuit

With my surgically enhanced chest it can be rather difficult to find swimwear to fit me properly as my body is rather out of proportion, and wearing a bikini in public leads to a lot of skin on show and my assets turning a few too many heads to feel comfortable. Perhaps a bikini is better suited to sunbathing on the beach rather than swimming in an indoor pool on a cold day. So I decided to purchase my first ever swimsuit for something a little more practical and covered, and whilst browsing Amazon I came across this little beauty!

My obsession for all things Kiss related has well and truly hit a new high with this tongue-in-cheek one piece and I can’t help but smile when I wear it. I think regardless of what I wear in the water my body shape will always be visible, so finding this ‘one size fits most’ swimsuit was pretty much guaranteed to accommodate my frame. It’s stretchy, comfortable and perfect for swimming in, clinging to my body like a second skin without gaping or slipping down. A big thumbs up for fashion forward fitness attire with attitude!

If you love this too then check out my Amazon Wishlist where I’ve found lots of other cool and quirky pieces.



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