Blend Bros High-Protein Thai Jungle Curry Sauce

Thai curry is quite possibly my most favourite meal of all time ever as I’m a great fan of spice and flavour, and fitness is something that I’m entirely fanatical about so Blend Bros have literally reinvented the wheel right now in my opinion by making a fitness friendly curry; finally my life is complete!

Blend Bros High-Protein Thai Jungle Curry Sauce

Blend Bros High-Protein Thai Jungle Curry Sauce

Each serving provides 22g of pea protein and one tin can make a whopping 18 meals. Being a vegetarian turning vegan I dove into my fridge for some fresh veggies to make up my first ever protein curry by throwing a roughly chopped aubergine, green beans, babycorn, mushrooms, green chilli, green pepper, root ginger, garlic, cashews and fresh coriander into a pan with some olive oil. I let it sizzle away on high for a few minutes before washing and bringing to the boil a pan of white rice – I’d ran out of brown – before prepared my protein curry sauce which was as simple as mixing up a protein shake.

The tin suggests mixing 55g or 2 level scoops of the protein powder with 150ml of boiled water which is the same amount of liquid as a standard shake. I used a jug, kettle and fork to prepare my sauce which I stirred thoroughly to mix all of the powder from the edges of the jug as it gradually becomes thick and creamy like a mousse. I like my curries to have sauce that clings to the food so that each mouthful is equally flavoursome, so this measurement makes the perfect consistency for pouring. I reduced the sauce down even further by cooking it over a medium heat for a few extra minutes so that it became more of a thick paste rather than a runny sauce, just the way I like it, you can always add more water if you want to loosen the sauce.

In all my rice and vegetables cooked for several minutes to wilt them whilst maintaining a little crunch and texture, and I spent a further three minutes reducing the sauce whilst the rice finished steaming before plating it up; not bad for a ten minute meal, I’d like to see a takeaway try to match that! Having never tried pea protein before I wasn’t sure what to expect from the flavour as friends have told me that it’s an acquired taste in shakes but pretty good for making soups and stews nice and thick. The curry was sensational and the sauce rich and savoury red with a pang of spice, lemongrass, coconut, ginger and kick of cayenne. It was creamy and smooth like a protein shake yet it had such an incredible savoury aftertaste much like Bombay Mix but more creamy, and it left me licking my lips, nicely full and yet deliciously moreishly.

I know that people struggle to eat healthily because they enjoy the addictive taste of junk food and clean food tastes bland in comparison, but for me this curry really didn’t taste healthy at all; it was rich, thick, flavoursome and had such a savoury naughtiness that I would have reserved it for my cheat day if I hadn’t read its nutritional values first. A single serving of protein sauce contains just 197kcal which is incredibly low compared to an average restaurant curry of 1,338kcal, it is low in salt with reduced sugar, dairy free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. The added high protein content is the perfect fuel for my muscle recovery and active lifestyle. Delicious, nutritious and putting curry back on my training menu; Blend Bros you rock!
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