Amphora Aromatics Orange & Clove Reed Diffuser Kit

My mother introduced me to incense sticks as a young child where she would set cherry blossom and pine fragrances over a wooden board and burn them to make our home smell lovely. The only problem being that our kitten thought they looked rather fun to play with and they dropped grey ash all over the mantlepiece and rug. Nowadays reed diffusers provide the same fragrant glow to a home without the risk of fire or burning as they can be set up and left to bestow a delicious scent for weeks on end for which Amphora Aromatics have such a delightful selection.

Amphora Aromatics Orange & Clove Reed Diffuser Kit

Amphora Aromatics Orange & Clove Reed Diffuser Kit

Made with pure essential oils each reed diffuser kit has everything you need to fragrance your home in style, neatly wrapped in a decorative box it’s ideal for giving to a loved one as a gift. The stylish glass container holds 100ml of vibrant and upflifting oil for which mine is orange and clove. To set up the diffuser I first remove the plastic stopper from the glass container which prevents it from leaking in transit and then drop the reed sticks into the oil which takes all of two seconds to do. The oil gradually soaks into the reeds and travels up the sticks to provide a constant vivid scent to the room and you get a lovely waft in the air when you walk past them.

With Christmas just around the corner the orange and clove scent is wonderful, richly spiced with a zingy punch that adds a burst of sunshine to a grey day. Having pets in the home it makes such a difference to fragrance a room, in particular the lounge which has carpet, cloth sofas and textiles that easily absorbs odours and the reeds mask it completely. These delightful Amphora Aromatic reeds are a stylish and effective way to keep our home fresh and pleasant and really get me in the mood for Christmas!
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