Arbonne RE9 Advanced Anti-Ageing Skincare

I have just discovered an incredible range of luxury skincare from a company called Arbonne. Developed in Switzerland in 1975 by Petter Mørck, he worked with a team of leading bio-chemists, biologists and herbalists to fulfil his vision of producing high-end skincare products unparalleled in quality and effectiveness. With many harmful chemicals contained in todays cosmetics that directly affect our health and environment, all Arbonne products are gluten and GMO free, vegan friendly and never tested on animals. There are also no animal products or by-products within the ingredients, no parabens, no formaldehyde donating preservatives, no commonly used petroleum-based ingredients such as benzene, mineral oil, petrolatum, phthalates, toluene or PABA; as Arbonne are strict on being pure so no ingredients will poison your body or cause an allergic reaction.

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Anti-Ageing Skincare

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Anti-Ageing Skincare

In 1980 the botanical based products went on sale throughout America, and today they are shared throughout the world following the same founding principles as the original product line; which have since grown to include inner and outer health and beauty products that are unparalleled in quality, safety, value, benefits and results. From skincare to haircare, cosmetics, perfumes, nutrition and childcare, Arbonne have it all. Yet you won’t find Arbonne products in any department stores or supermarkets, as they are only sold by specialist consultants online and in person, thereby cutting out the large retail distributor fees and advertising costs and making pure and clean luxury available and affordable.

Each product, as well as Arbonne itself, is pure, safe and beneficial with eco-friendly packaging and carbon-neutral product shipments and many green initiatives within sourcing, manufacturing and operations which is a massive seller for me as a healthy living mother of two. For the past week I have been using the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Anti-Ageing Skincare Line and have been blown away by the results. I have 3ml samples of the seven products featured in the range which are:

Smoothing Facial Cleanser
The creme cleanser provides smoothing and renewing of the skin surface for soft, supple skin and can be used in the morning and evening over moistened skin on the face and neck. You simply massage a pea-sozed amount of cleanser in a circular motion across the face and it rinse off with warm water and so little goes an incredibly long way. The cleanser is thick and lightly citrus in fragrance, disappearing into the skin as you rub it in, whilst removing every scrap of makeup, dirt and grease which left my face feeling amazing and puts my regular makeup wipes to shame. I never thought a liquid cleanser and water could cleanse my face better than a makeup wipe, but now that I’ve felt the difference I don’t think I could go back to using wipes. My pores feel fresh and open and my face can breathe.

Regenerating Toner
The cleanser is then followed by the toner which is an antioxidant rich and pH-balanced mist containing vitamins A, C and E to regenerate skin tone and firmness and deliver younger looking skin. By balancing the skins pH it keeps it at its best health and appearance and corrects any oily, dry or troublesome skin back to its healthy state. Again this is used in the morning and evening after cleansing the neck and face, and it can be applied with a cotton ball and left to soak into the skin remaining in place all day.

Intensive Renewal Serum
On top of the toner the renewal serum then sits beautifully and is a powerful blend of clinically proven, collagen supporting ingredients that firm and lift the skin whilst diminishing the appearance of fine lines. This worked particularly well around my mouth and forehead where I get frown and smile lines when I look up or down, and it made my skin look and feel surprisingly smooth and firm after very little use. Despite the sample tubes being petite, you only use a very small amount at a time so a regular tube would last months.

Corrective Eye Creme
This is my must-have product from the range and I’m going to order a full sized tube of this as it works wonders and has made such a difference to my eyes. You apply the creme by patting it onto and around the lower eye socket lightly with the pads of your fingers and it absorbs into the dry hot skin with an exclusive blend of ingredients that support collagen and reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. The skin around my eyes is so much smoother instead of bagging up and creasing when I smile and the darkness under my eyes has lightened to the extent that I no longer need two layers of foundation when doing my makeup. I’ve tried so many products and ways to hide my eye bags and circles by avoiding smiling too much and layering up my foundation, even using green and yellow tones to level out the dark colour, when all along I should have been treating and preventing the problem with proper eye creme.

Restorative Day Creme SPF 20
The high concentrations of advanced moisture-enhancing ingredients in this creme help to support collagen whilst protecting and restoring the skin’s youthful appearance. In order to fight the signs of ageing it is essential to protect your skin from the sun with at least a factor of SPF20, as rays cause wrinkles and don’t I know it. The day creme is amazing to wear, instantly quenching my dry skin and helping my makeup to sit nicely and last flawlessly all day. I used to think that when my makeup caked and cracked it was down to poor or unsuitable foundation, but I’ve since come to realise that it’s the condition of your skin that effects the results of the end product, and nothing is more beneficial than properly nourishing your face in order to get the best results from your makeup.

Extra Moisture Restorative Day Creme SPF 20
This creme is uniquely formulated for drier skin which is great for me, as the ultra-hydrating creme features high concentrations of moisture-enhancing ingredients that again support collagen and protect and restore the skin’s youthful appearance. As I have hereditary rosacea which causes my cheeks to flush hot and burn red, easily become dry, I found this worked incredibly well across my lower face and helped to combat and soothe the heat and dryness of my skin.

Night Repair Creme
I literally could not get enough of this night creme, as its ultra-hydrating blend of botanicals and concentrated vitamin C also work to support collagen and help maintain a youthful glow all whilst you’re sleeping. Instead of waking up in the morning looking like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards with a hangover, my complexion was surprisingly fresh and bright, combatting the cold walks and dry central heating at home and leaving me fresh-faced and ready to face the day.

Until recently, my skincare regime involved moisturising whenever my face looked particularly needy, and removing my makeup at night with a makeup wipe. When I first started using the seven products from the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Anti-Ageing Skincare range it was a complete shake-up to what I was used to and I didn’t realise that so many were necessary or even know how and when to use them. But after the first night of cleansing, toning and moisturising which took less than five minutes, the results by morning were undeniable and my skin has never felt and looked so good. The best thing about using a trial pack is that you can sample the range for yourself and see what works best for you, and although it would be an investment to buy them all at once, they’d make a great Christmas gift for loved ones, or regular monthly purchases to gradually build up the set and achieve the best results at your own pace.

Skincare is all about taking care of yourself, and instead of piling on layer upon layer of makeup to hide spots, grease and bad skin, why not take it all off and sort out what’s actually causing the problem in the first place. Unclog the pores, remove the dead skin and give your face the TLC, hydration and nourishment that it deserves. My skin looked beautiful during my pregnancies and as a result I hardly wore any makeup and people complimented me on how vibrant, healthy and glowing I looked. Fast forward several years and throw sleepless nights as a single parent of a 7yr old and 2yr olds into the mix and I now suffer from breakouts of spots, dark circles, puffy eyes and dry to oily skin. Using Arbonne has actually given me back my pregnancy skin and I’m absolutely over the moon with the results, I don’t wear half as much makeup as I used to and instead I get so many compliments on how fresh my skin looks, I can’t wait to collect the entire range.

PLEASE NOTE: You can use ID: 441275750 to purchase online if you do not already have an account, simply copy and paste this into the checkout or write it down as you won’t be able to shop without it.

If you too would like to purchase these products or any from the Arbonne range you can visit their official site here.
Facebook: /arbonne
Twitter: @arbonne


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