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Personalising gifts and fashion is such a thoughtful and priceless thing to do, as you know that the piece you have is a complete one-off; and the extra special effort and detail to attention turns something very ordinary suddenly into the extraordinary. When I came across this pretty gold style your own necklace I just couldn’t resist adding it to my collection.

Tracy Kiss Wears Gold Style Your Own Necklace For Atmosphere

Tracy Kiss Wears Gold Style Your Own Necklace For Atmosphere

The fine gold necklace has two delicate chains which are fastened together with eyelet hoops at one end, so that you can undo the chains and slot the letters on to suit whatever mood you are in. With 26 gold letters on loops to thread onto your chains, you can write whatever you like across two chains which hang just a few centimetres apart in height. As my name is Tracy Kiss, I decided to write my name and had originally intended to spell out ‘Tracy’ on the top chain and ‘Kiss’ on the bottom, however due to the letters included there was only one ‘s’ in my pack so I was unable to spell kiss. Therefore I unhooked one of the chains by slipping it off of the eyelet and instead used it as a single necklace to say ‘Tracy’. To overcome needing multiple letters you could easily purchase two sets to mix and match the ones that you need.

The beauty of the necklace is that you can wear it in so many different ways, as the words you can spell are endless. From using your necklace to inspire with words such as ‘dream’ ‘believe’ ‘achieve’ to recognising your blessings of ‘love’ ‘hope’ faith’ or even your loved ones names. I could use the double chain to spell out my son and daughters names, or even write a special message.

The possibilities of styling this necklace are endless and I think it would make the most beautiful personalised gift which you could put into a pretty box with a ribbon. At just £2.50 from Atmosphere I am incredibly tempted to buy several more sets so that I annotate my thoughts and feelings everyday. What would you write on yours?

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