Reflexology At The Belmore Centre

I’ve never been much of a foot person, in fact you could go so far as to say that I neglect my feet; they spend their days wrapped in socks and stuffed into boots hardly seeing the light of day and could do with some TLC. I’ve never had reflexology before but the thought of my feet being pampered and massaged to highlight health problem on a roadmap of my body made me curious, so down to the Belmore Centre I went!

Reflexology At The Belmore Centre

Reflexology At The Belmore Centre

Pulling into the car park of the Belmore Centre which was clearly signposted from the main Stoke Mandeville Hospital road, I was pleasantly greeted by the friendly and welcoming staff at reception before being shown to a beautiful white stone waiting area filled with beauty products, soft lighting and soothing music. A few moments later I was greeted by Julia, my therapist, and shown to a peaceful, cosy and quiet treatment room upstairs which was furnished with beautiful white and purple materials and sumptuous soft fluffy towels. After answering a few questions about my health concerning the procedures that I was about to have, Julia showed me to a bed where I could lay down with my socks off as she pulled up a chair ready to start.

Julia began by cleansing my feet and wiping them with hot towels, she then moisturising them all over and it was so relaxing. Working her fingers in circles and caterpillars across, around, up and down each foot and ankle made every part of my aching soles come back to life and was incredibly revitalising. She explained how each part of the foot is connected to a specific part and side of the body and if there were any problems or weaknesses present then the texture of the foot would change to either feel particularly hard, tingly, clicky or make a popping sensation to indicate this.

As I lay back on the bed of soft towels listening to the soothing music I closed my eyes as Julia worked her magic. It wasn’t long before she paused on the side of my foot which felt like it had a pocket of air, almost like bubble wrap when she pressed onto it, which she advised was connected to my shoulders and indicated that they were tight and knotted. Just quarter of an hour before I came to my appointment I had been weightlifting as part of an arms and shoulder routine for my workout and my shoulders were very sore and aching. Minutes later she picked up on another area indicating my throat which had started to feel tender and dry yesterday and I’d suspected that I may be coming down with a cold. After that she advised me that my left hip showed a weakness which always cracks and pops when I do yoga, which I realised is the side that I carry my children on when I hold them. She then found a strain in my eyes which I’d recently had lasered and they were still healing, and finally she picked up on the fact that I had a full bladder and needed the toilet, which I had delayed going beforehand so as not to be late for my appointment! I was amazed by how much Julia could tell about my body just through my feet as I hadn’t told her anything about my health or wellbeing before or during my appointment.

Julia said that reflexology can also be performed on the hands and can help with fertility, headaches, depression, menstruation, muscle weakness, sleep patterns, hay fever, emotion, as a form of natural detox and even detect pregnancy which is just fascinating.

Julia finished our session by wiping my feet with warm towels before wrapping them up and leaving me to rest for a few more minutes. As my one hour treatment came to an end I was literally walking on air for how relaxed and peaceful I felt and it made the biggest difference to my day to tend to my feet. Having reflexology has taught me to realise the difference in sensation and texture to the foot when a problem is present and better understand how the body is linked and connected through nerves and tissue.

Julia advised that if I wanted to keep up a regular detox and health routine that I could repeat the treatment in four to six weeks time, but if a problem was persistent that needed attention then I could return once a week until progress was made. Following my treatment I went to the toilet, had my shoulders massaged to release the knots and got a packet of throat lozenges from the petrol station on the way home. I am so impressed and surprised by the beauty and science behind reflexology that I can’t wait to come back again. I feel calm and rested, relieved from aches and pains and really value the advice given.

Reflexology is a fabulous holistic therapy that all ages can enjoy and benefit from, and at £36.50 for an hours treatment it makes the ideal gift with vouchers available to treat a loved one or celebrate a special occasion.

You can visit The Belmore Centre’s website here and watch me having reflexology in this video:


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