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Today I came to The Belmore Centre in Stoke Mandeville for my first ever pedicure. I have to confess that I’m not a lover of feet, I banish mine away all year in socks and Ugg boots and have never even moisturised my feet let alone removed any hard skin or shaped my nails. My foot regime is to trim my nails back to the skin as short as I can after having a shower and occasionally I put a lick of nail varnish on my nails but only during the summer.

The Belmore Centre Pedicure

The Belmore Centre Pedicure

Pulling into the car park of the Belmore Centre which was clearly signposted from the main Stoke Mandeville Hospital road, I was pleasantly greeted by the friendly and welcoming staff at reception before being shown to a beautiful white stone waiting area filled with beauty products, soft lighting and soothing music. A few moments later I was greeted by Lauren, my therapist, and shown to a peaceful, cosy and quiet treatment room upstairs which was furnished with beautiful white and purple materials and sumptuous soft fluffy towels. After answering a few questions about my health concerning the procedure that I was about to have, Lauren showed me to a chair where I sat down and the forty-five minute appointment began.

Lauren started the treatment by spraying my feet with a sanitising spray before cutting and filing my nails to shape. Before my appointment I’d had dark red nail varnish on my fingers and toes from last weekend and as a result of removing the nail varnish my nails had been left discoloured to a horrible dull yellow which I couldn’t apologise more for. I hate people touching my feet, I’m ticklish, embarrassed and squeamish and think my long toes look like underdeveloped fingers so it’s safe to say that my feet have spent many years with very little love or attention; which is precisely why I came for a pedicure.

Lauren then proceeded to file the hard skin from around my heels, first with an electric handheld device and then with a manual file and it felt surprisingly pleasant, kind of like a warm vibrating or rubbing sensation and it didn’t hurt at all but left my feet so soft and smooth. She then rubbed a paste into the nail bed to soften the cuticles so that the skin at the base of the nail could be pushed back easily ready for painting. I slipped my feet into a gorgeous warm water massaging spa and let the paste do its job. A few minutes later Lauren dried each foot off with a soft towel before straightening out my cuticles using a small curved instrument and clipper which was completely painless and left my nails looking perfectly neat, rounded and naturally flawless.

After a relaxing foot massage to release the tension from my toes, heels, soles and arches, Lauren next prepared my nails for painting. First my nails were buffed and then a little foam sausage was wiggled into place between my toes to separate them. I chose a pretty coral shade from the colour selection board that displayed the entire the rainbow and was advised that it should last for around four weeks before the nail grows and it would need repainting, a whole month of perfection is pretty impressive!

I was then given some funky disposable flip-flops and led to a drying machine which set my nails and gave me the sparkly twinkle toes I’d always dreamed of. My feet look so pretty now and I can’t stop looking at them, I actually wouldn’t mind getting them out in public. My nails are shaped beautifully which really makes a difference to their appearance and my feet feel incredibly soft and relaxed from the massage. What a beautiful treatment the Belmore Pedicure is and one that totally revived my tired, achy and worn-out old feet, it’s incredible just how good a professional foot massage can make you feel. And at just £27.00 it’s a fabulous treat or thoughtful present throughout the year for loved ones.

You can watch the video of my pedicure here:

For more information or to book an appointment you can visit The Belmore Centre online! Gift vouchers make the ideal present!


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  • I would have to say that your feet looked really pretty even before the pedicure. Very soft and kissable.

    Any man in your life would do well to pay them a lot of attention.


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