Bodybuilding Warehouse Lemon Zest Protein Pancakes

I love working out and fuelling my body, but my sweet tooth has a tendency to do me over in the kitchen and undo my hard work! As far as making pancakes goes, it’s a task that I undertake just once each year on Shrove Tuesday, as more often than not I forget to buy all of the ingredients needed, make the mixture too thick, too wet, lumpy or loose and either end up burning them in the pan or attempting to flip them over and sticking them together into a giant gooey ball. Cue the sensational lemon zest protein pancakes from Bodybuilding Warehouse!

Bodybuilding Warehouse Lemon Zest Protein Pancakes

Bodybuilding Warehouse Lemon Zest Protein Pancakes

Don’t panic if like me you’re a serial pancake killer, or even if you’ve never made them before, because if you can run a tap then you can certainly serve these badboys for your breakfast. I’m amazed at how quick and easy it is to prepare the best tasting pancakes of my life. I start off by pouring 100ml of cool tap water into my shaker with two generous scoops of the protein pancake mix and give it a good shake until the lumps are bashed out of it. The mixture is looser than cake mix but thicker than a shake and a pale milky yellow colour.

I then heat a frying pan with a splash of olive oil and wait until it’s smoking hot to pour half the mixture into the pan, swirling it around to make sure it’s evenly spread for cooking. After a minute or so the pancake changes from a creamy milky colour to a darker yellow which indicates it’s ready to flip over to cook the other side. Because the pancakes have a spongy thick texture it makes flipping them ridiculously easy, as I give it a little shake first to loosen it off of the bottom of the pan and then toss it up and over in the air. My pancakes are normally thin and flimsy and easily overlap and stick together when they land back in the pan, but these have great density, weight and substance and make my kitchen smell delicious.

I’d never normally dream about serving a pancake on it’s own, as we usually add a spoon of sugar and squirt of fresh lemon which is calorie central! However these pancakes are lemon zest flavour so there’s no need to add juice or toppings which make pancakes wet and soggy, as you can eat these as they are. The mix makes two generously thick pancakes the size of a dinner plate, or if you’d like to make them smaller you could probably get four. The first bite blew my tastebuds completely, rather than being bland and boring they are zingy, fresh and incredibly moreish, with a squishy light and fluffy texture that half puts me in mind of Indian bread.

I have such a huge appetite and didn’t think that two pancakes could possibly fill me up and stop my cravings for snacks, but they’re surprisingly filling, and not to mention satisfyingly delicious, which make them the perfect 3minute protein breakfast. Each pouch makes 10 servings of 20-40 pancakes with 22g of protein. Please excuse me but I’m off to the Bodybuilding Warehouse to get a lifetimes supply!
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