Pure Power Products Premium Foam Power Roller

One of the most important factors to consider when keeping fit is the time that it takes for muscles to recover, as you should always warm up properly before, and cool down the body after each workout or you will be left walking like John Wayne for days on end, wincing in pain and wobbling like a weak and wounded jellyfish. I’ve spent many a day kneading my knuckles into my thighs, rubbing my calves and hugging my arms as I rotate my upper and lower body workouts giving my muscle groups time to recover whilst I limp and wince.

Pure Power Products Premium Foam Power Roller

Pure Power Products Premium Foam Power Roller

I usually workout five or six times each week depending on what routines I’m doing, and more often than not after a heated session when I’ve pushed my muscles I’m left feeling achy and in need of a good massage and warm shower to relieve my body. The power roller works by improving blood circulation, increasing muscular mobility, speeding up muscle recovery time, lengthening and soothing muscles, relieving tightness and trigger points, promoting optimal spine range and motion and smoothing out tears, swelling and adhesions in muscle fibres.

The roller itself comes in a beautifully glossy, vibrant box, packaged in a clear plastic film without instructions, and at first I had a bit of a caveman moment and scratched my head as to how to use it as is intended. The 13inch hollow roller tube is constructed from high quality ABS plastics with a soft durable foam surface and lime green inner core to support and assist your muscles before and after each workout, increasing elasticity, circulation and blood flow to the areas that you choose to work on. It is lightweight at only 680g, easy to store and very well made in a fresh and funky design and compliments my home workout equipment perfectly.

Tested and approved by athletes, the roller features varied widths and densities of foam to simulate the human touch, creating a unique, robust and powerful tool for muscle massage and pain relief therapy to target deep trigger points as well as enhancing a workout, suitable for all types of sports and exercise. I received an E-book of instructions and workouts via email after my roller arrived, along with support and workout tips from the Facebook page. And the rolling itself is incredible, far better than anything I’ve ever attempted to do with my hands and knuckles, as when you roll you can choose how much weight and pressure to apply to the roller and really work tense muscles and lighten up over more delicate areas. Having used a masseuse in the past to help with shoulder tension, the roller is equally as amazing and not a scratch on the price and upkeep of a sports therapist, and something that I now enjoy daily.

I feel rather like a cat enjoying a good fuss and tickle and love working my muscles with the roller, it’s made the biggest difference to my routine and I’m certainly recovering far quicker and going harder with my routines because of it. Priced at £49.99 from Pure Power via Amazon, this is quite possibly the most essential piece of exercise equipment you will ever own.

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