Busy B Floral Diary, List Pad & Sticky Notes

So I’m just going to get it out there right away and say that I’m an OCD mother! Not only do I thrive on making to-do lists, I actually make lists about which lists I should do first because it keeps my day chaotically ordered and also serves to quash my goldfish memory and its constant attempt to spring surprises on me from forgotten birthdays to vital shopping list items that I only ever remember after I’ve driven home from the store. My lack of sleep as a single parent to my two little ones teamed with the responsibility and weight of the world on my shoulders is a somewhat heady combination that leaves me feeling like a duck, no not from my botox and lip fillers, but the fact that I seem calm and collected on the surface when I’m actually paddling my rubber feet off just to stay afloat. So when I saw Busy B’s beautiful organisers I just had to indulge in my obsession with list-making and bring these beautiful pieces into my day, they’re just too pretty not to!

Busy B Diary, List Pad & Sticky Notes

Busy B Diary, List Pad & Sticky Notes

The delightful colourways match my country kitchen and giant teacup perfectly and add a calming and romantic feel to the Cinderella chores bestowed upon me; somehow tedious daily activities seem far more appealing when they’re written on a linen-spined floral jotter don’t you think?

The Large List Pad costing £6.99 contains three page layouts for notes, checklist and things to do with beautiful floral patterns, ruled lines and blank pages perfect for scribbling, jotting and doodling if you wish. With sixty tear-off sheets in total the pad is finished by a linen spine and textured wipe-clean cover making it conveniently handbag and childproof and is about the size of an iphone6 plus leaving plenty of room for all of my thoughts and chores.

Show me a girl who doesn’t like sticky notes and I’ll give you a cookie! I think it stems from receiving my childhood when I loved shiny holographic stickers when I did well at school or didn’t bite my dentist. Yet when I see square yellow post-it notes I immediately think how boring they are, despite being useful. These adorable flower shaped stickies are both practical and pretty to look at, which in a funny kind of way makes me look forward to working and completing my next task, I guess it’s all in the presentation and thank goodness these Floral Sticky Notes for just £3.50 for fifty sheets.

And finally I just had to have a dual Busy Life 2016 Diary for just £9.99 because the title alone made me automatically add it to my cart; my life is the epitome of busy. The diary is as visually delightful as the rest of my set and features an elastic fastening and pen holder, although the pen is sold separately. It has two week-by-week schedules on each page, perfect for business and pleasure along with storage pockets every quarter and space for jotting reminders on the side of each page. There is also a handy grid overview section for each month on the corner of each page which is fab for crossing off important dates as I like to have access to the following days, weeks and months rather than flicking back and forth when scheduling.

The diary is beautifully printed on thick card with a pretty pink ribbon marker making it the perfect size for both my handbag and desk. Having a well organised, structured lifestyle allows me to do a million things at one and multi-task my calendar like a pro, it’s amazing the difference a quality set of stationary can make to your life and I’m loving the kookiness of Busy B!

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