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We’ve all done it, desperately dieting and working out to get the ultimate bikini body ready for the summer, only to then spend months on end drinking cocktails, bingeing on ice cream and abusing our bodies. It is both the good and bad results of seeing the glorious sunshine and after several weeks of sugar, alcohol and over indulgence I am well overdue a detox. What better way to get my body back on track than a delicious African Mango Teatox from Byron Body.

Tracy Kiss Reviews Byron Body 14 Day Teatox

Tracy Kiss Reviews Byron Body 14 Day Teatox

Fresh from the African jungle where mango has been used for its therapeutic properties for years, here it is captured in tea form. There is a potent active weight loss ingredient derived from the African Mango seed which has been mixed with a medley of delicious natural herbal ingredients to rejuvenate and energise the body from the inside out. The teatox is said to improve your energy levels, detoxify your skin, and help to get you closer to your ideal weight. It comes in a resealable foil pouch which bursts open with colour and fragrance and is such a treat for the senses.

With African Mango, rosemary, lotus leaves, Pureh tea, hibiscus, Chinese forget-me-nots, mint, lemon, rosebud, jasmine and oolong, the teatox certainly looks the part. It is a non-laxative weight loss tea which boasts results within just six days and has been voted as the best tasting Teatox, a detox through tea, on the market. It is recommended that you drink three nutritional cups a day, half an hour prior to each meal and consume fresh raw foods and plenty of water throughout.

As the tea is loose I have an adorable Byron Body infuser man who has little rubbery trousers that you pop off and stuff with a teaspoon and a half of leaves, before hooking him onto the cup and emerging in boiled water to infuse for 5-7minutes. The tea is absolutely divine, fresh, fruity and light and it leaves my mouth feeling cleansed and satisfied. Having a healthy drink before each meal has certainly made me more conscious about what I eat. When you start your day feeling good with a beautiful tasting drink, it makes you want to continue the rest of the afternoon in the same way.

Since starting my teatox I’ve certainly consumed less sugary and naughty foods, as I feel healthy drinking my tea so resultantly eat more healthily because of it. It doesn’t feel like a punishment or diet because it tastes great and leaves you instantly lifted and fresh. Doing the teatox is incredibly easy as there are no shakes, blending or weighing food involved like other diets and cleanses, just boiling a simple cup of hot water as I would everyday anyway and popping in the infuser. This is a lifestyle choice that I’ve happily married into my mealtimes with such positive results already. There is also a 28 Day Teatox available online, and the 14 Day Teatox costs $33.00 with the Tea Infuser Man being $8.00.

For a full product range, information and to purchase your own Teatox you can visit Byron Body online here!


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