Cheeky Baldrick X-Ray Feet Socks

After leaving home at the age of twenty-two I love nothing more than taking my two children to visit my parents whilst indulging in my mothers amazing dinners and treats. I’ve always had the most insatiable appetite for food, eating more than anybody I’ve ever met. Yet when my parents see me looking slim and trim they always seem to think it’s because I’m not eating properly, not the fact that I’ve spent hours working out as part of my healthy, active lifestyle. So when I saw these hilarious X-ray socks from Cheeky Baldrick I couldn’t resist getting a pair so that my parents actually have good cause to say “you’re all skin and bone, there’s nothing to you Tracy!”

Cheeky Baldrick X-Ray Feet

Cheeky Baldrick X-Ray Feet Socks

The socks are printed with photorealistic x-ray feet that line up with your own bones and really slim down your cankles and shins. I’m secretly hoping they’ll bring out a full body suit in time for my next photoshoot so I needn’t avoid chocolate or cake for a few weeks beforehand, because beating cravings is hard work!

The socks look hilarious under jeans as people do a double take and can’t help but laugh when they expect to see an ordinary pair of boring black socks but instead they get your bones! Priced at an unbelieveable £4.99 from Cheeky Baldrick, these X-Ray Feet socks make the ideal secret Santa, gift or joke for friends and family of all ages.
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