Cheeky Chompers Chewy & Co Comfortchew

Today I was fortunate to meet two very inspirational, award-winning mothers who have had astounding success with their debut baby product which launched in February 2013 called the Neckerchew, cleverly combining an infants dribble bib with an attached chewy teether. Fast forward eighteen months and product number two, the Comfortchew, is about to hit the shelves and today I popped along for a closer look.

Cheeky Chompers Chewy & Co Comfortchew

Cheeky Chompers Chewy & Co Comfortchew With Founders Amy & Julie

The Comfortchew is suitable from birth and is essentially a soft, soothing and stimulating blankie for little ones. Much like every good mother and her ability to multitask, the Comfortchew combines a comforter, teether, tags and a super soft teddy feel, with colours, textures and shapes in a sensory jamboree, so you can leave the Mary Poppins bag of toys and trinkets behind. The soft and chewy teether features an innovative dimpled design to massage tender gums and help new teeth to break through; as the teether is in the shape of a friendly hippo, in years to come when the days of teething are nothing more than a distant memory, the comforter can still remain a cute and cheerful child’s best friend.

The comforter is made from a soft jersey cotton to capture the magically soft and snuggly feeling of a child’s teddy, whilst being highly absorbent to catch those cheeky dribbles too. I have to confess as a mother I couldn’t resist a cuddle, as it was softer than a baby lamb brushing against my cheek. The ingenious feature that really excites me is the elasticated attachment, no clips to trap little fingers, no velcro to catch on clothes or poppers to come undone, just a simple fabric loop to slip over the little ones wrist to prevent them from dropping, or throwing it to the floor. You can also loop it over itself so that it can attach to a cot, car seat, pushchair or dummy too, and when it needs a wash you can pop it in the washing machine at 40. Imagine how many hours you can save on picking dummies out of muddy puddles or hours of screaming fits and tears after you lose a blankie whilst out shopping. And driving will certainly never be the same, as we’ll no longer have to frantically reach behind our seats and fumble in the footwell at a red light for dropped baby belongings and paraphernalia. Hoorah!

What really stood out for me about Cheeky Chompers was the quality of their products, in a market saturated with cheap and cheerful, mass-produced and under-delivering, monotonous goods, these beautiful, heartfelt and luxurious pieces made me feel proud to be a mother. You instantly realise that these are products made by mothers for mothers, two incredible ladies who saw a problem and found a fantastic solution, and the awards that they have won to date are testament of their hard work and dedication; The Baby Innovation Award 2014, Loved By Parents Silver Award 2014, Banta Awards Highly Commended 2013, Progressive Preschool Award Finalist 2013, Shortlisted For The Mother & Baby Innovation Award, Shortlisted For Best Baby And Toddler Gear, Shortlisted For The Practical Preschool Awards 2014.

What’s more, Cheeky Chompers are designed and manufactured in the UK and are BPA and phthalates free, currently sold in 20 different countries, throughout 100 independent retailers and 9 national retailers with over 100,000 Neckerchews sold to date. The Neckerchew retails from £9.99 and the Comfortchew £17.95. They make a beautiful and very practical gift for every child and expectant mother and can also be purchased as a set, with plenty of unisex, neutral and animal print designs to choose from.

For more information, the full product range or to purchase the Comfortchew you can visit Cheeky Chompers online here!

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See my review of the Comfortchew here and meeting the founders of Cheeky Chompers Amy and Julie:

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