Chiquito Mexican Restaurant And Bar Milton Keynes

As a generously-appetited veggie, I simply love trying out new restaurants and menus, and Mexican is a huge favourite of mine. I couldn’t resist popping into the new Kingston Milton Keynes restaurant for a spot of dinner, as the beautifully modern glass-fronted building twinkled with industrial lights, mosaic ceramic pottery, brightly embellished sombreros and wooden booths enchanting me to step inside and sample the sensational flavours of Mexico.

Chiquito Mexican Restaurant And Bar Milton Keynes

Chiquito Mexican Restaurant And Bar Milton Keynes

For my starter I had the Gem Lettuce Wraps priced at £5.65, which were a selection of baby gem lettuce leaves accompanied by a hot pan of sweet potato and feta cheese in a lime and Tequila sauce. The cool lettuce was vibrantly green, fresh and crisp, complimenting the succulently warm sweet potato, crumbling feta and spicy kick of lime and tequila. A delicious and upbeat starter that tantalised my taste buds and left me wanting more.

For my main I had the vegetarian Chimichanga priced at £12.25, which is a golden brown fried flour tortilla filled with Mexican spiced rice, refried beans, a Texan style cheese sauce and five bean chilli, perched on a bed of skin-on-fries and served in a basket with paper, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. The chimichanga was huge and incredibly filling, with its thick and crispy tortilla wrap tantalisingly deep-fried, cracking open to reveal the steaming moist spiced rice and beans within. Together with the skinny fries and sauces I nibbled each mouthful with a taste of each, a flash of colours and fusion of flavours that danced on the tongue as they appeared on the plate. Sensational. As mains go, this left me trailing at the end as I squeezed to find space to fit it all in and had to reluctantly leave a small corner of wrap and rice, not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because there was just too much. But a generous portion is hardly a bad thing is it. If I’d have realised it would be so filling I would have had a lighter lunch in preparation and gladly finished the lot. The succulent avocado chunks within the smooth guacamole teamed with the crunch of biting into the hot deep-fried wrap have me drooling again just thinking about it.

I finished my meal with the Churros priced at £4.25 from the dessert menu. The delicious soft dough is fried until crispy and golden then drenched with cinnamon sugar and served with a pot of chocolate dipping sauce, contributing nicely to my naughty fried dinner. But it’s nice to have a treat day every once in a while. The churros were light and crispy, like biting into a baked cloud that crackles and crinkles up in the mouth, with a glossy film of oil on the surface that is both savoury and sweet with its dusting of cinnamon sugar. And the chocolate dipping sauce, wow, just wow; it was smooth, chocolately and sweet, coating the churro with a rich and thick topping with each dreamy dip. A delightful end to an incredibly indulgent but totally necessary dinner in a fabulously family-friendy restaurant with a twist.

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Kingston Centre
Winchester Circle
Milton Keynes
MK10 0BA



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