Coloured Lenses UK Pure Hazel Freshlook Colourblends

They say that the eyes are the windows to our soul, and sometimes we need to give our windows a little spritz and polish to keep them looking bright and cheery; I’m well accustomed to a bucket, ladder and sponge! Now I’m not saying to go and wash your eyes out if you’re feeling a little lacklustre, but why not try a different look entirely and change the colour of your eyes which I’ve done thanks to my new coloured contact lenses from Coloured Lenses UK.

Coloured Lenses UK Pure Hazel Freshlook Colourblends

Coloured Lenses UK Pure Hazel Freshlook Colourblends

Unsurprisingly I have had blue eyes my entire life and whilst my hair colour has changed very frequently over the years as I try new looks and styles my eyes have always remained the same. As girls we know that certain colours go with certain things, and having blue eyes I stick with earthy, rich warm colours for my makeup to balance the cool blue so my palette is filled with black, brown, gold and creams.

What gets me really excited is trying the opposite of what I have, turning my straight hair curly and switching my eyes from blue to brown, and thanks to Coloured Lenses UK I can do just that! To emphasise the difference that eye colour can make I have taken this photo wearing just one Pure Hazel Freshlook Colourblends contact lens, leaving my other eye naturally blue. The lenses are non-prescription and won’t change your eyesight at all, simply the colour and the results will vary depending on your natural colour as the lens allows your eye to remain visible below; I like to think of it as applying a vivid coloured filter.

The lenses are soft, smooth and comfortable to wear and don’t irritate or dry my eyes at all. I actually had my eyes lasered a few years ago to correct my sight and can wear these coloured contact lenses without any fuss. I love how fashionable lenses can be, changing my look completely and allowing me to wear a whole new world of coloured eyeshadows that would have clashed with me before. They are perfect for a night out, special occasion or to enhance what you naturally have, and priced at just £16.99 from Coloured Lenses UK they’re the ideal addition to my makeup bag!
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