Crest 3D White Whitestips Luxe Supreme Flexfit

Having perfect white teeth makes the biggest difference to your smile, not only does it boost your confidence but it also allows you to feel naturally comfortable and to be yourself. When I didn’t like the way my teeth looked I would try to smile with my mouth closed, awkwardly avoiding photos and feeling guilty if I ate colourful food as I didn’t want to stain them any further. Thanks to the Crest 3D White Whitestips Luxe Supreme Flexfit you can get dentist white perfect teeth from home in no time at all.

Crest 3D White Whitestips Luxe Supreme Flexfit

Crest 3D White Whitestips Luxe Supreme Flexfit

I’ve tried all sorts of teeth whitening from dentist gumshields to mobile beauticians, salons, spas and home whitening. In the past I’ve had my gums burnt from gel, extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures from over whitening and uneven whitening across my side teeth. So it’s safe to say that I’ve earned my experience and stripes when it comes to teeth whitening. I always prefer the at home method of whitening, firstly because it can fit into my busy schedule and doesn’t involved travelling and childcare, and secondly because it’s more cost effective than visiting a dentist.

There are so many products on the market at the moment, and just because they’re a professional brand at a good price online it doesn’t mean to say that they’re not fake. So whenever you buy online, buy smart and get them directly from the manufacturer and not a third party because you can never be too careful with your health.

Teeth whitening strips work by sticking onto the surface of the teeth, holding a layer of whitening gel against the surface for a set amount of time to remove any staining. To start with you may need to gradually build up the time and frequency of using the strips in order to combat severe staining, and once you’ve found a level of whiteness that you’re happy with then it’s just a case of maintaining it with a top up whitening once every few months. Despite my teeth being the whitest on the chart I absolutely adore curries, red wine and tea, all of which cause staining, so I maintain my bright white smile with Crest from home throughout the year.

The new Supreme Flexifit strips that I have here are amazing, as unlike other home whitening strips, the top and bottom strips are wide. More commonly you have a long top strip for your upper teeth and a slightly shorter strip for your bottom teeth leaving the side teeth untouched. The new Supreme Flexifit strips also stretch so that they can accommodate every smile, and simply peel off of the plastic and stick straight onto the surface of your clean teeth, ensuring you line them up with the top of the tooth avoiding the gumline and tuck any excess strip behind the back of the tooth, pressing it into place for a couple of seconds.

All strips vary in application time, typically from around half an hour to an hour and it’s important that you never leave them on for longer than is recommended or you will risk damaging your teeth. Low quality strips normally have poor adhesive allowing saliva to come between the strip and tooth and causing it to lift off and curl up which will make the results less effective. The Supreme Flexi strips are amazingly adhesive and durable and as you can see in the picture I’m able to lick my teeth, speak and drink through a straw whilst wearing them for an hour each treatment. They are discreet, leave no mess and are incredibly convenient and easy to use. And to remove them you simply peel them off and throw them into the bin as each strip is for single use.

Although it’s completely pain free I always use a sensitive toothpaste twice a day to protect my teeth and avoid foods that may stain directly after whitening in order for the whitening to fully develop. A box of 14 treatments, totalling 28 strips, costs from £45.00 from Crest Whitestrips providing whiter teeth from home in just 3 days and full results within 3 weeks.
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