Dirty Velvet Blue Magician Bunny Tee

You may have realised that I’m a lover of all things kookie and Dirty Velvet is certainly a brand testing the mainstream limits for rebellious gentlemen’s fashion. Their store is both fashionable and artistic with such unique and thought-provking pieces that celebrities can’t get enough of.

Dirty Velvet Blue Magician Bunny Tee

Dirty Velvet Blue Magician Bunny Tee

My bunny obsession first started from my toddling years when my first pet was a bunny named Sugars and I currently have a huge bunny called Rocky. I went on to earn the nickname ‘Bunny’ from my family and had a Playboy bunny tattoo’d onto my hip as a teenager. I even appeared in Playboy online this year when the iconic brand featured some cheeky topless snaps of me fundraising for breast cancer. Hoorah! So I think I’m rather qualified in bunny fashion.

Seeing this dashing bunny magician in his dapper tuxedo made me do a little fist pump and I just had to have it. Here I am wearing a size SMALL which is made from 100% organic cotton and feels beautifully soft on the skin. The dusky blue colour mades a nice addition to my wardrobe as it’s a shade that I rarely see, yes this is a mans shirt but I find mens clothing so much fun to wear as it’s so well made, cosy and loose fit that I can eat an entire pack of biscuits and not worry about muffin-top whilst wearing it. This Dirty Velvet shirt is pretty self explanatory for its design and the classic cut and cap sleeves give it timeless elegance. I just need to find myself a husband to wear a matching one and my bunny paradise will be complete!

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