MyProtein Total Nutri-Greens Plus Tropical Flavour

When it comes to good health then nutrition and exercise certainly go hand in hand. You can be an active hands-on person yet if you don’t fuel your body properly you’ll feel too easily tired, weak and lacklustre. As a single parent to my two little ones I literally never stop or sit down which you think would build strength and stamina right, and to an extent it does, but if I skip meals, don’t balance my diet or miss out on the key nutrition that I need each day then I find by mid afternoon I’m dragging my knuckles on the floor and yawning before lunchtime; cue MyProtein

MyProtein Total Nutri-Greens Plus Tropical Flavour

MyProtein Total Nutri-Greens Plus Tropical Flavour

Total nutri greens is effectively powdered whole foods with fruit and vegetable extracts that are blended with nutrients to provide your body with a whole cup of goodness without having to eat mountains of vegetables, although if you’re vegan like me then a saucepan of sprouts and a chunk of raw cabbage is a wonderful treat and not a chore.

MyProtein have specially formulated a blend of spirulina, wheat grass, acerola berry, broccoli, spinach leaf, pomegranate, apple fibre, tomato, elderberry, blueberry and chlorella in a mouthwatering tropical flavour. This isn’t a meal replacement or weight loss shake, it’s a supplement to enhance your diet and achieve the best results from your body. We all lead busy lives and at times aren’t going to have the energy or enthusiasm left at the end of a long day to cook a fancy dinner with all of the trimmings whilst also considering several portions of fruit and vegetables; which is where the nutri greens are perfect because they’re a convenient and effective supplement that can be added to a meal or taken as a drink to boost your levels and hit your daily nutritional targets without having to physically eat plates and plates of fruit and vegetables. As a parent I understand how hard it is to give children a balanced diet that they enjoy and actually finish eating at the end of a meal time, so for adult fussy eaters and meat lovers this is great.

It’s recommended that you take two servings of nutri greens each day alongside your regular meals so I have mine as a drink with breakfast in the morning and again just before dinner in the evening. Despite looking a lot like pond water the nutri-greens are incredibly delicious, into my shaker I added 250ml of water with 7.5g of nutri-greens and gave it a good shake to mix it up with one 330g bag providing 44 servings. The drink itself becomes a dark earthy evergreen colour that froths slightly when poured so I’ve put mine into a wineglass because you can see it more clearly. It has a beautifully juicy kick of orange and pineapple with a deep richness of red grape and the creaminess of avocado despite it being a thin water-based drink like a fruit squash and because of this it feels far more luxurious and adult. The flavour is absolutely spot on and I would rate this as just as enjoyable as having a cocktail on a night out only minus the alcohol of course and packed full of nutrients.

I really look forward to drinking my MyProtein Nutri-Greens Plus each day, much like a quenching drink it doesn’t fill me up like a shake would but gives me everything that I need to stay on track with my diet so that I don’t have to stress over balancing my meals. I cook and eat as normal and feel fantastic because of it and I bet it would taste amazing with crushed ice and mint leaves on a hot day or in rice pudding as a dessert.
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