Dominican Haircare Argan Oil Pamper Package

When it comes to haircare I’m a bit of a naughty girl, as my perviously peroxide blonde locks have been tortured and torn out from my children’s sticky fingers, years of heat damage from straighteners and blow dryers and dyed and brushed to within an inch of its life. With both of my pregnancies I lost a lot of hair that would literally fall out by the handful and clog the shower every time that I washed it and my hair has never been the same since. Now I no longer use any heat on it and I only have my ends trimmed and the top section of my hair highlighted at the hairdressers in a bid to bring it back to life again. My hair is thin, wispy and splits very easily at the ends which is why I’m so excited about using this Argan Oil pamper package from Dominican Haircare.

Dominican Haircare Argan Oil Pamper Package

Dominican Haircare Argan Oil Pamper Package

Day to day my hair is frizzy, flyaway and tangles easily but with the use of my Argan oil shampoo, conditioner, serum and treatment mask from Dominican Haircare my blonde hair now feels incredibly soft, shiny and healthy and my brush literally slips through it like butter. So here are the products I’ve been using and why they’re so beneficial to my haircare routine. I’ve decided to split my products into two sections, firstly as a shower routine with my shampoo, conditioner and serum trio and secondly for a weekly pamper treatment with the inclusion of the mask. Starting with Doctor Capello Argan Oil Shampoo which is £15.50 for 12oz and this shampoo is literally crammed with nutrients and vitamins to nourish dehydrated hair. Not only does the shampoo give the hair a natural sheen but it also builds strength and body as well as helping to fight against damage thanks to it’s carefully selected ingredients which include olive oil, hydrolysed silk and Arganil spinosa kernel oil. I began my shower by wetting my hair thoroughly and applying a 50p blob of shampoo to my hair. The shampoo was unlike regular shampoo which tends to be loose and highly fragrant as the Argan Oil shampoo was ever so slightly sweet smelling, a peachy-gold colour and thick like honey which almost made my hair gloss down to the top of my head rather than frothing and foaming as much as I’m used to. The bottle recommends washing the hair three times with the shampoo for best results so this is what I did and seeing as my hair usually knots up and feels dry and straw-like after I shampoo I found that with this shampoo my hair wasn’t as knotted.

Next up I used the Doctor Capello Argan Oil Balsam Conditioner which is £15.50 for 12oz and is an intense conditioner for dry hair. It’s vitamin enriched formula provides instant vitality making the hair soft, supple and velvety with a glossy sheen. This conditioner was more familiar to usual conditioners in texture only with a peach colour to it. It felt fantastic on my hair the second that I applied it and it was really nice to work in because it coated my hair beautifully and I swept it up into a bun for a few minutes whilst I finished showering. The bottle recommends removing the conditioner with plenty of water but I didn’t find it any different to regular conditioner to remove and it didn’t leave behind any grease or oil which I would have expected for washing with an oil based product. After towel drying my hair I finished up my shower by applying the Doctor Capello Argan Oil Styling Crema which is £13.70 for 4oz and has been formulated to target the texture of frizzy, dry or damaged hair. The serum helps to eliminate frizz by smoothing down the hair shaft and giving a natural shine. Fortified with Vitamin E it combats damaged and split ends to keep the hair healthy from root to tip. This serum is slightly thicker than regular Argan Oil and I applied it to my damp hair tips and mid-lengths and it made my hair feel incredible. I always struggle with knots and tangles after washing but my brush passed straight through when using this and it feels so much more hydrated and soft compared to using my regular supermarket shampoo, conditioner and oil combo.

After this mornings shower I applied my weekly Doctor Cabello Argan Oil Hair Treatment which is £20.50 for a 16oz tub and this luxurious deep treatment mask is designed to bring dull, lifeless and brittle hair back to life. Again it’s packed full of vitamins and nutrients which have been specially selected for their revitalising properties. The mask brings bounce, body and shin to the hair thanks to ingredients such as hydrolysed soy protein, purified water and citric acid. I applied this after rinsing off my shampoo and left it on my hair for fifteen minutes before washing it off. There isn’t a strand of frizz left on the top of my head and my hair hangs so much nicer, straighter and healthier, aside from my ends needing a trim I haven’t used any straighteners or heat on my hair, just my mask and a soft paddle brush and it feels so amazingly soft I can’t stop stroking my hair! Dominican Haircare have a fantastic range of products for all hair types and needs, and if like me you’re stuck in a rut with misbehaving lifeless hair then it’s well worth trying something new to give you back your va-va-voom!
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