GRASP FIT Shocking Pink Liquid Chalk

I have to confess right now that the first time I saw liquid chalk I actually confused it for naughty body paint and I was secretly expecting it to taste of strawberries or bubblegum. Needless to say this Grasp liquid chalk is strictly non-edible but is certainly a fun way to help you to earn your sweat when working out or doing sports.

GRASP FIT Shocking Pink Liquid Chalk

GRASP FIT Shocking Pink Liquid Chalk

Whether you use it to improve your grip when lifting, climbing, swinging a golf club, gripping a racquet or holding onto reins this liquid chalk enhances your grip and reduces sweat. Here I have the shocking pink colour which squeezes out of the bottle much like a blob of water-based paint. With a glossy bright pink hue I was baffled at how this wet chalk could possibly become powder but as the air hit it it soon changed to a pale pink powder which stays in place until brushed away.

The liquid chalk in shocking pink comes in a handy 250ml bottle with a secure snap lid and the instructions of shake> squirt> rub> admire> grasp printed down one side. Priced at a very reasonable £13.00 it’s also available in apple green and electric blue for gym hulks and heroes alike. Fantastic for grip and a great way to combat clammy hands during a killer workout. I think it also looks pretty great for body paint parties and it helps me to stay fixed to the ceiling when doing pole fitness so it gets a big thumbs up from this gym bunny!
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