Don’t Tell The Doctor: My Labiaplasty Surgery On TV

PLEASE NOTE: The following content contains photographic genitalia and graphic surgical healing which some may find unsuitable.

I appreciate this may be a bit of a touchy subject for most and by reading this you may already know that I want to reduce the size of my labia so lets hope I can talk to you about this very personal subject openly and honestly without embarrassment or judgement – after all we’re all human. Perhaps you’re reading this because you’re considering having this surgery yourself, maybe you’re my mother wondering what on earth I’m up to now or maybe you just want some help and advice from somebody who has gone through a medical procedure before you do. Although I assume many male readers may stumble across this blog post with their own intentions unrelated to surgery I hope that my experience of having labiaplasty surgery may positively educate and inform the world. I acknowledge that an intimate body part or graphic image can be viewed sexually if desired but this is really not my intention when sharing my experience; therefore if the following content is at risk of such behaviour it is due to the individual’s own intentions rather than my own.

Blogging My Labiaplasty Surgery

I’ve Decided To Blog My Labiaplasty Surgery

I am providing these unaltered images of my genitalia before, during and after surgery for medical reference in the hope of helping women suffering with the same embarrassing and painful condition as myself to get help and seek treatment if they so wish.  There is no universally sensitive way to go about this, if you want to make an omelette you’ve got to break an egg and it is what is is. I have considered drawing sketches of my labia for this blog instead but people may think that I’m exaggerating the extent and severity of my condition and if I were to provide numerical measurements it could be hard to imagine what it looks like in the flesh. I’ve seen series and documentaries on television such as Embarrassing Bodies and botched surgery shows which display male and female genitalia and they handle it in a compassionately sensitive and clinical way whilst providing worthwhile advice and raising awareness and so I am sharing my surgery journey warts and all with the same ethos in mind. At present I live in daily discomfort as a result of my enlarged labia and I’m seeking medical intervention now rather than looking for a cosmetic fix or #designervagina as it’s fashionably known.

For my entire life thus far I wasn’t aware that there was anything wrong with my sensitive and painful labia until I suffered two Bartholin cysts in the space of several weeks at the age of 28. I would like to stress that there is absolutely no shame in the varying shapes and sizes of women’s genitalia, they are all unique and we deserve to feel confident with our individual bodies regardless of age, race, religion or relationship status as there is no such thing as a normal when it comes to the appearance of labia and in no way am I describing a larger labia as undesirable – mine are painful because of their length and as such I need to seek help. Surgery should never be considered lightly; it should never be undertaken to please others and you should only ever enter into it with a full and healthy understanding of everything that is involved including the risks and complications.

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Something that I would also like to touch upon is Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) which is often referred to as the female circumcision. It’s common knowledge that men undergo circumcisions in order to remove the foreskin from the penis when tension, length, hygiene or religious beliefs are concerned. Male circumcision is a positively accepted surgical procedure on a global scale however some cases of non-consensual female circumcision, or FGM, involves intentionally removing the labia and injuring the genitals for non-medical reasons and as such it is classed as mutilation which makes it illegal in the UK. Sadly over 137,000 women are already affected by this horrendous act and this number continues to grow year on year. I do not support FGM by seeking labiaplasty surgery, I am having a surgical correction of my own free will to rid my daily life of pain and discomfort and believe every woman should have the choice to do what she wants with her own body without the fear or persuasion of others. My heart goes out to those who have been forced to undergo such horrifically brutal treatment through FGM and I hope that the laws on such behaviour will be tireless enforced and strengthened in order to put an end to this. If you would like to support the charities challenging FGM you may like to visit the ForwardUK or The Orchid Project for more information.

I would also like to address the matter of parenthood. Being a single mother of two I don’t show my private parts to just anybody, in fact this is the first time I have ever taken a photo of my labia to know what they even look like and it wasn’t what I was expecting to see. No doubt many will question my motive for being so open about my desire for surgery and query what impact sharing this with the entire world will have on my young children both now and in the future. I am a keen supporter of medical research, helping charities and raising awareness in health and the cosmetic industry and I will always feel strongly about backing campaigns concerning body image, sexual health, preventing cancers and attending smear testing to name but a few. In early 2016 I had CIN2 precancerous abnormal cells removed from my cervix and used my social following from my hospital bed to encourage women to attend their routine smear tests because prevention is better than cure and precious lives should never be lost for the sake of embarrassment or a lack of awareness. Am I concerned that my children may be affected negatively because I am showing my labia to the world? No. Naturally I worry for them being bullied, I’m a mother and I will always worry about how they are treated by others and how they experience life. But equally I also value the importance of honesty, openness and breaking down taboos within society so that my children may not suffer in the same way, many have sadly lost their lives for illness and diseases that could have been cured if the symptoms had been discussed and discovered early enough. I will forever encourage my children to accept and respect their own bodies, to check for lumps and any changes and never be afraid to speak their minds  to me should they have any concerns – no matter how embarrassing or unpleasant it may seem.

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At the age of 18 I was a glamour model appearing frequently in magazines, newspapers and on television where I was offered incredible amounts of money to be photographed totally naked with my my legs open and I wholeheartedly declined every time. I appreciate the tastefulness of nude art which involves being undressed with private parts out of sight, I also think topless photography is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of at all as it is simply celebrating the female form. I hope that you will see that I am sharing the most intimate part of my body publicly for the first time not for any monetary gain, nor for the benefit of a glamour publication or male satisfaction but for awareness, education and solidarity for what is right and wrong in this world. It’s 2016 and we can all be adults about this.

Growing up I didn’t really notice my labia, in fact I didn’t even know what they were until a decade ago and as such I’ve never consciously thought that there was anything wrong or different with the shape or size of my genitals, therefore I didn’t feel the need to change it in any way until now. I’m the only person who sees my labia day to day and am certainly not trying to impress or attract a future husband by having this procedure, I am having this for myself for medical reasons. A couple of years ago I took part in a charity bike ride to raise money for wheelchair sports in my local community, having not ridden a bike since I was a child I went on to complete a 60km cycle in the space of a few hours and raised £1,000.00 for charity for which I was very humbled by and pleased to have made a difference for such a worthwhile cause. Everybody warned me that my legs and bum would ache for days after and they were right, but that was nothing in comparison to the sheer pain of  my swollen labia; it was pure agony and at times I felt like crying when I tried to walk or sit down which lasted well over a week and was far worse than childbirth!

The friction from cycling had agitated and causing swelling to my already enlarged labia and I felt as though I had been kicked between the legs by a horse, it even hurt to urinate yet nobody else from the charity cycle seemed to have, or voice, the same problem as me so I thought it must have been down to an uncomfortable saddle on my bike or women being too embarrassed to speak about it. Thinking back to when I was a child I don’t remember riding a bike ever hurting me like that which leads me to think that my labia have gradually increased in size with age, but there was no moment in my life when I ever thought “wow those are getting pretty big now!” In fact I don’t even know what a large sized labia is classified or even measured at. I’ve never had a partner suggest that my labia is any different to other womens, I’ve never felt embarrassed of them or insecure because of the length because it’s all I’ve ever known, but when I wear lingerie and swimwear I have a bulge in my briefs and am conscious that my fuller shape may be visible in leggings and tighter clothing; celebrities strategically perform nip-slips when they expose their cleavages in revealing dresses at red-carpet events for press attention yet I worry about lip-slips when I’m sunbathing by the pool innocently reading a book and unsuspectingly expose more than just my white bits in a bikini when I cross my legs. If I sit down quickly, wear tight clothing or cross my legs in jeans it pinches and catches my labia between my underwear, thighs or the seat and is extremely painful – not to mention the swelling it causes. Yet I’d always believed that every woman faces the same issue with her genitals and chooses not to speak of it whereas men frequently joke about trapping or squashing their testicles like it’s something to be proud of and freely adjust themselves in public when feeling uncomfortable in clothing. As such I’ve always sat back on my buttocks to keep my genitalia elevated from any surface rather than sit straight down or leaning forwards and compressing it which leads to further pain and swelling. I have also had my labia pushed inside my body during sex which is horrendously painful and I can only compare it to having piles or a Chinese burn. As my labia are so large they protrude from my body and constantly rub and irritate against clothing, exercise and everyday activities of which I am never free from discomfort. This is a part of my body which is very sensitive with delicate tissue that isn’t designed to come into constant friction and this is what has caused my lifelong suffering. I thought that every woman suffered in this same way and so I accepted it as a part of life until I realised it’s not right. For anybody who hasn’t experienced this the only thing that I can liken it to is sleeping with your mouth open and leaving your tongue exposed to the air for a long period of time; rather than being soft and moist with saliva the tongue will eventually dry out if left outside of the mouth, it’s surface will crack, discolour and harden along the edges, worsening with time which is exactly what is happening to my labia and will only get worse with age.

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The turning point for my seeking help was when I found a painful lump a few months ago which was a pea-sized hard ball in my left labia and the skin directly around it became red, swollen, inflamed and stung like a hot burn. Even wearing loose underwear made me wince as it caught and pinched on the material and the lump and pain grew rapidly by the day. After struggling on for three days thinking I’d caught it with my razor, been bitten by a mosquito, accidentally trapped it when sitting down or damaged it in some way when exercising I finally caved in and visited my GP when there were no sign of it improving and it was lucky that I did. My doctor examined my labia and explained that I had a Bartholin’s abscess or cyst which had been caused by a blocked duct in the labia gland that can grow and hardens to the size of a clementine if left untreated because of the infection it causes in the skin. He explained that this situation is very common in women with larger labia and I was startled to discover that I’d gone my entire life so far without ever having nor hearing of it before – I guess it’s not something that women like to talk about and speaking to my mother on the phone afterwards she was just as clueless as I.

My doctor advised of three options to treat my Bartholin’s cyst; the first was a course of antibiotics to hopefully reduce the size and inflammation, the second to have it drained with a needle and the third was to have it surgically removed. Fortunately the antibiotics worked a treat and took my cyst away within a week, but a month later the same thing somehow happened again and I was put on another course of antibiotics that removed it once more. The doctor said upon my return that there was nothing I could do to prevent a repeat occurrence as it’s just something that happens in women with large labia much like having an ingrowing hair or outbreak of spots, they can pop up at any time no matter how clean, tidy or careful you are. I hadn’t done anything different in my routine to spur this change to my body, I shower frequently using a mild soap as I have done for years, there was no change in my discharge or unusual itchiness in my genitals when the cyst appeared and I hadn’t been in a sexual relationship. But it was clear that the problem with my enlarged labia was finally becoming persistent so I discussed the option of surgery with my doctor who advised I seek a cosmetic surgeon for further information on labiaplasty to reconstruct my genitals because I shouldn’t have to live with such discomfort.

In a nut shell labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess tissue from the labia to make it smaller for hygienic or cosmetic reasons. In some women the labia can become enlarged and elongated causing discomfort. So here is where I stand, I’ve had two natural births with my children and was told that I grazed but didn’t tear the skin whilst delivering so there was no need to be cut or have stitches, my genitalia is therefore natural in shape and size. Aesthetically I feel like my labia are large like elephant ears or crinkled up ham that has been stamped on, a messy sandwich if you will. I don’t think it looks pretty at all but thankfully it’s a part of my body that isn’t ever visible so I can live with it’s appearance as it is but I would very much like to remove the some of the length to eliminate the discomfort. Now that I am in a position to consider reducing the size of my labia with surgery, improving the appearance of the flesh is simply a bonus and afterthought for something that I deem as necessary to improve my quality of life. Nobody should have to live in pain; if excess weight was leaving me short of breath I would exercise to lose it and improve my health, if my fringe was frequently falling over my eyes I would tie it back or cut it short, you get my jist.

Why should I continue to live with tender swollen genitals which prevent me from doing the sports I love, wearing swimwear or having the ability to move about now that I know otherwise? When you take away the embarrassment and embrace your body you have the power to change your life and this is something that I am doing first and foremost for myself. Here I will keep a blog of my progress, my thoughts, feelings, consultations, checks, surgical procedure, healing and aftercare to share with you my journey. Oh, and it’s all being filmed for television!

UPDATE: Meeting With My Doctor

This evening after putting the children to bed Dr Belinda came to my home for my consultation to give me advice as to my treatment options. It was a relief to see a smiling female doctor when I opened the door, but at the same time I don’t think I’d have minded that much if it had been a man; I guess they’ve all seen everything and anything to do with the human body anyway and nothing surprises them anymore.

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After making a quick cup of green tea and introducing my pets we took to the sofa to discuss my concerns and the camera crew caught every detail with lights and microphones galore. It’s odd to think of the whole process being televised, but after a while you forget that the cameras are there and I felt safe and comfortable with Belinda to discuss my problem. Part of the consultation involved having an intimate examination for which I had mentally prepared myself beforehand – it’s just a routine check. As a mother of two I’m well accustomed to midwives and smear tests and I don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed of my body but more apologetic that somebody else is having to see something of mine that is unpleasant. I couldn’t stop myself from whispering “sorry” to her for knowing what she’d have to see and do to me, but I’m sure everybody feels the same when visiting a doctor.

As she put on her surgical gloves and the cameras zoomed to my genitals I took a deep breath and awaited her opinion. The worst of it was over and it was out, my womanhood exposed in all of it’s unbalanced, excessive fleshy glory and it wasn’t half as bad an experience as I’d thought it would be. Perhaps it’s because I was in the comfort of my own home and the reality of the footage captured being shown to the world hadn’t quite sunk in yet. Maybe when I see it on the big screen I’ll feel differently about it though. But it was ok.

Dr Belinda stretched out my labia to check the size, shape and placement finding that my labia are around 3cm in length at their peak and the maximum ever recorded was 5cm – wow! She reassured me that I do in fact have excess labia and she understood how tender and sore it is because of the chaffing and friction of daily life, underwear, fitness and intercourse. It’s nice to know that something can be done though to aide the discomfort and prevent that God-awful pain caused by cysts from returning. But what were my options? After slipping on my jeans and having a cup of tea on the sofa she talked me through them.

Hiking Mount Snowdon

The most obvious solution was to wear loose clothing and baggy underwear but my lifestyle as a personal trainer doesn’t lend itself to anything hanging off of me, firstly for security purposes, tripping and catching and secondly because I’m 29yrs old and want to dress my age and enjoy the figure that I worked so hard to maintain after having had my two children. I don’t want to hide away under shapeless, baggy clothes anymore because in the long run I’ll continue to have a more tender labia and cysts regardless of what I wear.

The second option was to grow my pubic hair to work as a protective cushion or bush to soften the friction of chaffing underwear and clothing. I have such a strong detest for body hair since I first discovered puberty and as a result I shave daily to remove unwanted hair which doesn’t affect my likelihood of developing cysts. The thought of now growing public hair for the first time seems unhygienic in comparison, it would protrude even further in lingerie and swimwear and prevent me from modelling without treating the actual problem.

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The third and final option was to consider having labiaplasty surgery which would involve cutting away the excess flesh of my labia in the hope of it remaining flush with my body to prevent chaffing. I would still have my labia and genitals intact but it would be greatly reduced in length which in turn could possibly cause a loss in sensation and may lead to infection whilst healing. It would also mean going into hospital, finding childcare for however long I’d be away from home for and then being sore and tender for the next several weeks as I heal. How will I manage the school run, housework, handle my period or survive not going to the gym when I workout five days a week to de-stress as a busy working mother? Dr Belinda was happy to refer me to see a surgeon as it seems the only real option for me to cure my condition rather than continuing to live with it. The film crew left me with the sobering thought that although I now have a surgical referral if my condition isn’t deemed abnormal then I may never be able to have treatment.

UPDATE: Meeting With My Surgeon

Arriving at Harley Street London I’d been feeling apprehensive all day. Not for the fact that I’d be showing yet another person my labia on camera, but if the surgeon would diagnose me as being too normal and I’d have to spend the rest of my life with daily pain and discomfort knowing there was nothing I could do. I was invited to a seating area where I completed my medical history forms, filling out several pages I disclosed that I am currently taking iron supplements for my vegan diet and have had previous surgery to my breasts and eyes. I also stated my allergy to amoxicillin and confirmed my clear health and family history of illnesses.

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Shortly after I was invited in to see the surgeon Ms Angelica Kavouni’s for my consultation. We began by sitting at her desk and discussing my concerns with my labia before moving to the examination table much the same as what I went through with the doctor previously. I explained that I wasn’t so concerned with how my labia looks but more about ending the pain and discomfort for which she was very reassuring and supportive, thankfully confirming that I am an ideal candidate for labiaplasty surgery. Just hearing those words sent goosebumps up my arms; I felt as though a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders and had the biggest smile on my face from ear to ear. To know that I can finally get help is indescribable. Ms Kavouni kindly answered all of my questions regarding the surgery, healing and aftercare and advised against me using tampons until I am healed as this was something that I felt most uncomfortable about as I feel that sanitary towels will cause the blood to stick to the stitches and become infected and messy which is why I have to bathe twice a day and apply lotion to the raw wound. As I’m due my period sometime towards the end of this week I’m hoping that my surgery can take place within a few weeks time to give me the maximum amount of opportunity to heal before my next period is due and hopefully reduce the risk of developing an infection.

We then discussed sensation and how the labiaplasty would affect intercourse for me which was very positive. Rather than my labia twisting inwards and becoming chaffed from friction they would be shorter and more even in length and the nerves kept intact, along with my clitoris left untouched, so it would feel very much the same as it does now only minus the pain. The procedure itself takes around an hour to complete and I am allowed to be awake with a local anaesthetic to watch it as it happens which is something I find fascinating as I’ve never seen myself being operated on before. I’d imagine most ladies would like to be unconscious if they were in my shoes but I’ve been through enough procedures and treatments to recognise that my tolerance for blood and needles is very high. By having a local anaesthetic this will reduce my recovery time and allow me to go home to my two children the same day providing there aren’t any complications which include the risk of infection, splitting stitches or removing too much or not enough tissue and having to have a follow-up procedure. As the surgery is taking place on the exterior of my body and my insides aren’t being altered it seems like a very quick and convenient procedure that will change my life entirely in an instant; and oddly enough I’ve spent far longer in a dentists chair having my teeth straightened with braces than what it will actually take to remove my excess labia. I wish I’d known about this as a young woman, I wish healthcare providers, midwives and partners had told me that there was something wrong with me or something that could be done for me and above all I wish I hadn’t spent my entire life in pain for something that can be so easily corrected. I’m not embarrassed about what I’ll have to go through now or even in sharing my journey on TV with the world; I’m embarrassed that as a woman I didn’t know that there was anything wrong with me and I think help, advice and awareness drastically needs to be raised about this.

I’m absolutely thrilled with the results of my consultation today, I’m walking on air right now and excited to hear when my surgery date will be as I’ll need to arrange childcare and plan my diary and workload around my healing. I’m fully aware of the pro’s and con’s of having labiaplasty surgery and I know that after much deliberation and years of suffering this is the best course of action for my needs.

UPDATE: My Surgery Is Booked!

Today I received an email from the clinic to offer me a surgery date of the Friday 25th November 2016 at 11am which I snapped up in seconds. I was really hoping that they could book me in before Christmas so that I could heal in order to cater for and entertain my family over the festive season. I’m also due to begin four months of gruelling bodybuilding training as of January for my first bikini contest which would have meant delaying my surgery for several months if it couldn’t take place soon. Now I have two weeks to juggle my diary, move appointments and commitments and ensure that I can take 24hrs of bed rest post-surgery which fits nicely into the weekend so that I can hobble my way on the school run come Monday morning.

I’ve been emailed a consent form that I have to sign prior to my surgery, a map of the hospital and arrival time, aftercare information and procedures to follow on the day of my surgery. I’m not allowed to eat for 6hrs prior to the procedure but can drink clear liquids up to 2hrs before. It’s advised that I bring somebody with me to my surgery to accompany me home the same day and also to be available to contact or stay with me overnight should I need assistance. As I’m a single parent it’s more than likely that my parents will come to stay for the weekend to help me with childcare and allow me to rest. I’ll be making up some meals this weekend that I can pop into the freezer so that I have some quick and easy microwave dinners for myself and the children so that I don’t have to spend long periods of time standing to cook after I’ve had my surgery.

Hanging Out At Anytime Fitness

I also have to refrain from taking medication containing aspirin or vitamin E for two weeks pre and post-op along with any alcohol two weeks beforehand. I’ve been asked to bring any regular medication with me which are my twice-a-day iron tablets and as I’m a non-smoker non-drug user the ban of two weeks prior to surgery doesn’t apply to me.

24hrs after my surgery I am allowed to drive short distances so long as I feel comfortable which means that the Monday morning school run can be halved rather than me usually walking with the children. I’ll be given a course of antibiotics to take and will need to wear sanitary towels for the first couple of weeks to catch the blood and oozing as tampons are strictly forbidden. The stitches I’ll have are dissolvable and should disappear within 2-3wks for which the bruising and swelling will subside after around ten days later and the appearance of my labiaplasty should be completely undetectable come six weeks.

I’ve been advised to take a shower 1-2 times a day following surgery to keep the area clean and make sure that its completely dry before applying Chloramphenicol ointment directly to the wound twice a day. I’m to avoid vigorous exercise for the first two weeks and intercourse for six weeks with moderate exercise and swimming being ok from two weeks onwards depending on how well I heal and my level of discomfort. It’s certainly going to be a test keeping out of the gym when I usually go 5-6 times per week but I want to give my body the best chance to heal properly and not rush back too soon and do myself damage. It’s very common to suffer a bout of thrush following surgery for which I can take Canestan tablets, cream or a pessary over the counter at the chemist. It’s also normal to experience a mild burning sensation when passing urine and general discomfort for the first week so I’ll be taking regular painkillers, resting whenever possible and applying ice packs continually to reduce the swelling. Finally my labia scars may be hypersensitive for the first few months which will take me up to New Year’s and then I can welcome in 2017 without anymore pain and an entire new lease of life! I really can’t wait!

UPDATE: Surgery Day!

My surgery has come around so quickly the days have just flown by. Yesterday I ran a half marathon at the gym, cooked up several meals for the freezer, cleaned the house from top to bottom and packed my clothes ready for this morning. The children are being collected from school today by their grandparents and I took a shower and got the first morning train to the hospital in Harley Street, London ready for my 11am surgery. Seeing as I’ve been receiving information between the television crew and hospital I was asked to fast from food 6hrs prior to my surgery and avoid liquids 2hrs before, so my last meal was dinner  last night. However upon arrival at the hospital I was told that I should eat and drink to keep up my energy levels as I was only having a local anaesthetic and didn’t have to follow the fasting advice which is intended for general anaesthetic procedures only. If I’d have known this I’d have had a glorious breakfast to see me through the day but a banana, an oat biscuit and a cup of herbal tea in the hospital reception quickly were better than nothing – I think it was an unfortunate case of crossed wires between hospital staff and film crew but better to be safe than sorry.

Recovering From My Labiaplasty Surgery

Recovering From My Labiaplasty Surgery

After signing my consent form I was shown into a bright and airy private room where I would be taken after surgery for my recovery with the usual medical equipment of a hospital bed, locker and television which was tended to by nurses. I met briefly with my surgeon to check me over and ask any final questions for which I was fine and looking forward to it. I’d also purchased some extra absorbent panty liners on my way in but was advised that heavy night time sanitary towels would be more suitable as they’re more padded and extra long to catch all of the blood and oozing post-surgery. I was also given four tablets for pain relief before changing into my hospital gown and surgical socks and applying Lidocaine 4% numbing cream to my labia with my hand.

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A few minutes later I was taken into the operating theatre and asked to lay on a bed in the middle of the room as the surgeon and nurses put on their scrubs and washed their hands. Due to filming commitments we were running slightly behind so I didn’t have the recommended 20mins of numbing cream which resulted in the aesthetic needles put into my labia feeling like somebody had stuck a fork directly into my clitoris and I squealed as my toes curled up and I gripped the bed with the adrenaline leaving my legs shaking and heart beating out of my chest. After the first few needles on either side of my labia the area then went completely numb and from that moment I didn’t feel anymore pain, just a slight tugging sensation as I focused on breathing slowly and distracting myself from what was happening. I originally thought that I would like to watch the surgery out of curiosity but after feeling the pain of the anaesthetic needles it totally put me off and I was much more relaxed when reclined on the bed watching the clock on the wall and looking around the theatre as my surgeon asked me how I was feeling throughout and kept me updated with what she was doing.

The Excess Tissue Removed From My Labiaplasty Surgery

I Was Allowed To Keep The Excess Tissue Removed From My Labiaplasty Surgery

After testing the area for numbness with a needle my labia was measured and marked with a black pen to ensure symmetry before being sliced off in a single piece with a scalpel, bringing my inner labia in line with the length of my outer labia so that it no longer protruded. There was a fair amount of bleeding which I was told to expect and the nurses stemmed it with a gauze and cold compress until the shape and size had been finalised by my surgeon. I was then told to expect a pinging sound and smell of burning flesh as my labia were cauterised to stem the bleeding before being sewn up with dissolvable stitches.

I didn’t feel much aside from the tugging sensation of the needle for which I had seven stitches on each side that were widely spaced, this would ensure my labia stays fixed in place in order to heal but also have enough room to swell up, bleed and ooze without becoming too tight as the healing process is very important and if the stitches are too tight it can cause a permanent indentation to the skin like a tied joint of meat ready for roasting. In all the surgery took just under an hour and once I had been cleaned down to remove the blood I was given a mirror to sit up and see the results for the first time. I literally couldn’t stop smiling, despite being swollen and red it looked incredibly neat and tidy and when I saw the excess tissue cut off in a pot I realised just how enlarged and abnormal my labia had been and it was pretty shocking to understand the reality of it. I’d always thought that I was normal, that every woman had painful genitalia and couldn’t do certain things or exercise too often, but the entirety of my tissue floating in the water showed me the sheer extent of my abnormality. Why isn’t this talked about? Why do girls and grown women continue to suffer in silence? And why did I allow my own body to hurt me so much for so long without realising? In this day and age the world should know better than to shy away from taboos at the expense of our health and wellbeing. My life would have been so different if I hadn’t have lived with this condition; from the choices I’d have made, the way I would have felt within relationships and social situations, the way I dress and the activities I did and didn’t do – every part of my life was silently and negatively impacted by my painful labia. But thankfully I now know, I’ve done something about it and it’s better late than never because now I can live like I was always supposed to – like every other woman.

Bleeding Following My Labiaplasty Surgery

I Experienced Bleeding Following My Labiaplasty Surgery

I was given my Bridget Jones style underwear to put on along with a sanitary towel and ointment so that my stitches don’t stick, before being tucked back into my hospital gown so that I could walk to the recovery room to rest in bed. The local anaesthetic meant that I didn’t feel anything but I still walked carefully and bent at my knees to get into bed as advised. I was asked if I needed the toilet but didn’t feel brave enough right away and seeing as I’d fasted I was empty of food and water anyway and just desperate for a meal. I had a car booked to take me home in a couple of hours time but was asked to attend the toilet with the nurse to check that everything was ok and that I could pass urine before I was allowed to leave.

After a few cups of herbal tea I was ready to visit the toilet and carefully pulled down my underwear to remove the bloodied sanity towel which the nurse said was a perfectly normal amount of bleeding post surgery, much like a period. I’ve always used tampons for periods and as such never knew how much a normal period looks like spread out on a sanitary towel, but as an indication of what to expect I think it’s important that I’m open and honest and provide this information and photos so that you can see what to expect if you’re considering having the same surgery. I’ve bled around the same amount of bright red blood three times into towels and also through my hospital gown and onto a pad on the bed before it started to lighten off to just when I wipe. I was able to pass urine but it was very slow, to the point of just a very fine trickle for several minutes sitting down on the toilet because of the swelling. Afterwards the nurse checked my stitches and said that all looked fine and I was safe to go home but should I have any problems or concerns then I should call the hospital right away.

Arriving home at 4pm – 24hrs after my last proper meal I was feeling pretty tired, hungry and sore from sitting in the back of the car without being able to lift my legs up or get comfortable. Literally every lump and bump in the road felt like I was being kicked and I had a burning hot sensation and hard ache between my legs that made me feel as though I’d been sat on an active volcano. I immediately got an ice pack as soon as I walked through the door and retired to the sofa to get my feet up. I didn’t expect a sandwich bag filled with frozen sweetcorn to penetrate through my underwear and a sanitary towel for coldness but it worked wonders and my loose leggings helped to hold it in place on top of my Bridget Jones knickers and keep me comfortably covered as I sat fully dressed with my family.

My mother very kindly took care of the dinner and tended to the children so that I could rest up, eat, drink and take pain killers. It hurt to laugh or cough, it burned after I went to the toilet and I felt weak from going so long without a meal. I took two paracetamol and two ibuprofen tablets as advised and drank three or four glasses of water before my eyes were too heavy to stay open and I felt too sore to stay downstairs any longer. Even concentrating on talking was too much of an effort for me as the anaesthetic wore off, so fed, changed and freshly medicated I took the very slow climb up the stairs to bed, switched off the light and fell sound asleep.

UPDATE: 26/11/16 Recovery Day 1

I really thought that it would be hard to sleep last night. I had used a loose pair of leggings to hold my ice pack in place ontop of my underwear during the day but getting undressed for bed meant that I couldn’t sleep with ice on me. As I always sleep on my front or right side I worried that I’d roll over in the night and twist myself, lift a leg up or catch my stitches without realising and the pain would be too bad for me to sleep.

Oddly enough I slept really well. Other than that one dose of painkillers when I came home I haven’t taken any further tablets or medication and I feel really good for it. I didn’t want to rely on pills to make me comfortable knowing that I could be doing damage to myself without realising, and it gives me a much clearer head when I’m not medicated. I managed to put a pillow between my knees and sleep on my side just as I did throughout both of my pregnancies and it ensured that I didn’t rub my legs together or catch anything.

The bleeding has slowed down over night, it’s not as heavy as a period anymore but still bleeds when I pat it dry after going to the toilet. Considering I couldn’t cough or laugh yesterday without it pulling and burning I was actually able to do a poo this morning and even the pushing didn’t hurt but I suspect it’s because I’ve rested all night. I still feel tender but I wouldn’t call it pain, I’m just a little slow to get up and down the stairs and making sure that I rest up wherever possible. I haven’t been on my feet much at all thanks to it being the weekend and having my family over to tend to the children which has been an absolute godsend! I could never have survived without my mothers help and it goes to show just how much I’m used to doing as a single parent because sitting still is driving me absolutely insane, but I know that I have to rest up in order to be ok for the school run on Monday morning.

Tracy Kiss For 5Star Don’t Tell The Doctor SE01EP01

As far as swelling goes my labia is still very puffy and swollen, it’s red and still bleeding but not as much as yesterday. I’ve been given the following aftercare information from the hospital:

Immediately After Surgery:

Keep the wound dry for 24hrs and have a shower thereafter 1-2 time a day, patting dry and using wet wipes instead of tissue to avoid snagging the stitches.

After The Stitches Have Dissolved: 

The scar may feel tight and appear red, lumpy and sensitive. The newly healed skin is delicate and should be treated with care. E45 cream, topical silicone gel or non-perfumed moisturiser can be massaged into the skin to help with scarring. Avoid exposing scars to sunlight for six months.

If The Wound Crusts:

Leave it alone and allow it to heal. Do not pick it, the crust/scab will come away naturally when the skin has regrown beneath.

If The Stitches Emerge Through The Scar:

Dissolving stitches sometimes make their way out of the skin if the body finds it difficult to break them down, they can appear as white spots but the nurse will check this at a follow up appointment.

I’ll keep a check on how my labia heals along with any pain, bleeding or medication required but so far so good! Day 1 and I can go to the toilet without pain, I don’t need pain relief and I’m able to sleep. Rest, rest, rest.

UPDATE: 27/11/16 Recovery Day 2

It’s my second day of healing and I’ve just had the most wonderful shower. How much better I feel to be clean and fresh! I’ve never been a fan of body hair and as such I’m used to shaving everyday which I haven’t done for my public hair today as I didn’t want to pull or catch my stitches which are white in colour and all thankfully still in place. I have full range of motion, can step in and out of the bath, walk up the stairs and get dressed with little extra effort. I don’t feel injured, sore or in pain at all but I’m conscious not to overstretch or catch myself.

My bleeding has all but stopped now with just a tiny spec of blood when I pat myself dry but I’m still using the extra heavy padded night-time sanitary towels because they’re soft and cushioned. As far as bruising goes I only have a small amount at the top of my labia and I haven’t had any oozing or scabbing so my skin looks quite fresh and healthy as opposed to damaged and healing like I’d have expected. I’m guessing my labia are still very swollen, although I don’t know what they looked at this width before the surgery because the excess tissue was covering them but I suspect they will continue to shrink over the coming weeks as they heal. At this point my labia are still protruding from my body and I had a moment of panic in the mirror when I gasped at the thought of not enough tissue being removed and needing to have a second surgery, but I’m persisting with my ice packs and following my surgeons advice to rest up and keep clean and dry so only time will tell for the final results.

UPDATE: 28/11/16 Recovery Day 3

Monday morning and it’s back to reality, two excited children, a yapping dog, miaowing cat and breakfasts and lunches to make before the frosty rush of the school run kicks in. Today is the first day I’ve had to get back into routine as up until now I’ve pottered around, made a drink, tentatively cooked and then returned to the sofa to put my feet up at my own pace – but Monday isn’t so forgiving.

I’ve managed to do everything I normally would, albeit a few extra minutes behind my usual schedule but now my labia is really burning. It feels hot, itchy around the stitches and incredibly heavy like a weight is bearing down between my legs and I know that I’ve reached my limit and need to rest up with an ice pack ASAP so as not to burst my stitches. The swelling is still obviously present but it’s not as bad as it was before and I’m now finding urinating slightly quicker than the slow trickle that I’ve been used to since surgery.

UPDATE: 29/11/16 Recovery Day 4

Day four post-surgery and I’m almost feeling human now, I can walk, do housework and sleep without fussing over the placement of my legs anymore. It’s also the first day that I haven’t had any bleeding and I’m about 80% back to my normal speed of urinating, I’m only slightly slower than usual now because of the swelling.

I’ve noticed my stitches get itchy and the area feels warm if I do too much which is caused by my labia swelling with blood if I spend too long on my feet. So I’m taking plenty of breaks, keeping my feet up and using my frozen sweetcorn icepack as and when I need to but I’m far more mobile day-by-day. Despite a lot of tissue being removed I am slightly concerned that my remaining labia is still too long as it is still protruding further on one side and rubbing on my underwear but I know that it’s because it’s swollen and tender from the stitches.

It was never my intention to remove my labia completely but I’m hoping that with time and healing it will reduce a little more in length in order to tuck itself away so that I’m not left with the same pain and discomfort of it rubbing directly on my underwear at the most sensitive point of my genitals. My surgeon has already made a massive difference to the condition I have lived with all of my life, my labia is no longer twisted up and trapped when I move and that was what I’d really hoped for, only time will tell now on how I heal and what it looks like after. The final appearance of my labia is the last thing on my mind.

UPDATE: 30/11/16 Recovery Day 5

I think my labia is going to remain pretty similar in appearance for the next several days now that the bleeding has stopped so there’s not much change. I have noticed that I’m now getting discharge and oozing on my sanitary towel as opposed to blood which is a pale yellow-orange colour around the stitches from dry blood. Wearing my padded night-time sanitary towels throughout the day has a few times caught on my stitches as it sits so close to them and leaves it feeling a little itchy but I know that’s from the healing and not an infection. My skin looks fine and I’m sleeping well.

I don’t have any bruising or pain as it’s been a pretty comfortable procedure to heal from, it just aches and swells if I stand up too much but that’s easily rectifiable. I’m 5 days into my recovery now and hardly notice that I’ve had anything done as my mobility is so much easier as the swelling subsides day by day. I’m still massively swollen though and that’s evident when I try to shave my pubic area, but I’m no way near as bad as I was when I first came out of hospital and looked inflated. This time next week I’m hoping to return to the gym, fingers crossed I’ll be ok by then otherwise I’ll wait a little longer. There’s no point in rushing and risking my stitches!

UPDATE: 04/12/16 Recovery Day 9

I’m now 9 days into my recovery and absolutely thrilled with the results. As my swelling has all but disappeared now it means that my stitches protrude from my skin snag on my puffy padded sanitary towels, so seeing as I was no longer bleeding I switched to panty liners and it feels so much better. I have no tenderness at all, I’m free to move around as normal and can once again cross my legs when I sit. I no longer need ice and I can shave and wash as normal which makes me feel so much more human.

I visited Winter Wonderland yesterday and walked around London for 12hrs from 9am-9pm when I left my house and felt absolutely fine. I also met up with Dr Belinda for my post-surgery catchup and told her how I was getting on for my final part of filming; we had a few cocktails in a wine bar and giggled about me keeping my labia in a pot in my kitchen. It’s amazing what an impact this surgery has had on my life, how such every day activities such as wearing tight clothing, taking exercise, riding a bike and having intercourse would hurt me so bad before, but now I’m never going to have that pain or discomfort again. I’m finally free to do everything I love and I’m so incredibly thankful that I eventually found out that this treatment was available for a condition that I never even realised I had.

I’m also sleeping commando again at night which I love because I hate sleeping in lingerie and I’m planning my first trip back to the gym tomorrow for which I’ll be walking steadily on the cross trainer and lifting weights, all low impact exercises and a gentle introduction back to fitness in preparation for my bodybuilding training for my first bikini contest in Easter 2017. If I could put into words how much this surgery means to me then 1,000,000 wouldn’t even come close to being enough. So I’ll leave you with my before and after photo to see just how poignant this procedure has been for me. I still have my stitches which I hope will dissolve over the next week and I have to wait another month until having intercourse, but 9 days in and I couldn’t be happier!

UPDATE: 05/12/16 Recovery Day 10

Day 10 and my first day back at the gym, I’m beyond thrilled to be back into training and have adjusted my routine accordingly to suit my recovery. I’m keeping my cardio low-impact to reduce friction so the cross-trainer is ideal for this. It’s my first day wearing a g-string and out of granny pants but I’ve cut a panty liner into a triangle shape to line my underwear so that my stitches don’t catch. My swelling is all but gone now so the stitches are quite loose as they were set at a longer length so as not to dig in. I’m hoping this week they will dissolve but they’re no bother to me and thankfully didn’t snag when doing my cardio in stretchy leggings.

10 Days After My Labiaplasty Surgey I Completed 16km On The Crosstrainer

10 Days After My Labiaplasty Surgey I Completed 16km On The Crosstrainer

I’ve just done 16km of cardio and feel so good to be back working out after 10days off. It didn’t hurt me at all as my labia are now on the inside of my body and no longer protrude, rub or chaff. Naturally if I’d have felt any pain or discomfort I’d have stopped my workout immediately and have taken my surgeons advice not to ride a bike, a horse or go swimming until fully healed. I usually do weighted squats at the gym to train my legs but seeing as I still have stitches I switched it to leg curls instead so as not to risk splitting, and doing pull ups to train my arms left me screwing up my face and shouting because I’m so weak in comparison to a couple of weeks ago before I stopped my training. It’s true what they say about muscles – use it or lose it!

I'm So Pleased To Be Back At The Gym Post-Surgery

I’m So Pleased To Be Back At The Gym Post-Surgery

Although I’m done with posting pictures of my labia now that you’ve seen my before and after, I thought I’d show you a picture of my body post-recovery because my life literally revolves around fitness. I’ve undoubtedly gained weight since I stopped training and ate everything in sight of my bed but now I’m over the moon to be back at the gym and working out pain free for the first time in my life. We take for granted the ability to be uninhibited by pain and my labia have left me sore, tender and swollen for 29yrs, but not anymore. I’m finally free to enjoy my life and am no longer held back from activities or decisions I would have made if I’d have not suffered from this condition.

Equally I think it’s important to address the fact that this was an elective surgery, i.e. something I chose to have for medical reasons and not cosmetic. I wanted to live without pain, not try to achieve the worlds prettiest vagina, but the improvement in the appearance is an extra bonus from the surgery for me. Equally looking at female circumcision and #FGM I realise that women across the world don’t have the same choice as I have had about altering my body, many are forced into it and it is a far more extreme and barbaric procedure than my results that I have shown here. I feel as a woman and mother with a wide social reach it is my duty to speak openly about health and bring attention to such treatment and injustice to women in this day and age. Nobody should be forced to alter their body against their will and firmer laws need to be implemented to cease such actions. I will do everything I can to educate, inform and advise others about this by sharing my own experience and encouraging discussion and change and hope that you will help me by doing the same.

UPDATE: 12/12/16 Recovery Day 17

Day 17 post-surgery and I’m a few days into the period from hell! Argh, why does Mother Nature hate me so much? It would have been nice to have had a moderate period this month but never mind. I switched from panty liners back to sanitary towels for a day and it felt horrendous, not for pain but for the messiness and discomfort from bleeding and sticking. Firstly the sanitary towel bunched up around my stitches making it impossible to cross my legs or bend without pulling and secondly the blood made it damp and sticky, a sensation I avoid at all costs especially when healing.

Front Squat At Bodyflex Gym

Reverse Hack At Bodyflex Gym Post Labiaplasty Surgery

Seeing as I’ve now been shaving my public hair everyday without difficulty I decided to take my first bath with Himalayan salt and nice hot water to ease my stomach cramps and lower backache and it was absolute bliss. Afterwards I braved using a tampon for the first time because I feel that my healing is going so well and the swelling has now passed. I know that it’s advisable to avoid tampons but the friction from using sanitary towels was making me so tender and tampons were a much more comfortable option. I was extremely cautious to use a mirror to insert my tampon to ensure I wasn’t catching on anything or causing any skin to stress. I was nervous about the insertion and more tense than I would typically be, but it was incredible to realise how straight-forward it was to insert a tampon post-surgery as before I would have to fumble with my labia to try to separate them to put it in whereas now the excess tissue is gone it’s like I’m a whole different woman – or should I say half the woman I once was.

I’m far happier using tampons for my period and thankfully I’ve had no problem with them at all. I’m back to working out 5 days a week at the gym and weight training for my bodybuilding competition. I haven’t rode a bike nor had intercourse as I’m waiting for my 6wk post-surgery finish line but everyday life is fantastic and I feel as though I haven’t had anything done. I don’t notice my labia at all now, no more pain or discomfort and I can sit fine, cross my legs and wear jeans without wincing. It’s the simple things in life that make the biggest difference, I want to shout it from the rooftops I’m so happy!

UPDATE: Intercourse

Six weeks after surgery I was allowed to have intercourse and felt very apprehensive about splitting open the edges of my labia as the skin will remain weaker than usual for several months post-surgery. But there really was nothing to worry about, no damage was caused and my surgery is entirely undetectable. No more chaffing and burning, no twisting up or rubbing just a smooth, clean and soft intimate area that no longer causes me pain. Now I can get back to life and live it to the full.

UPDATE: 10/02/17 The ‘Don’t Tell The Doctor’ TV Advert Is Out

I’ve had loads of messages the past few days from my friends and followers telling me they’ve seen me on the TV advert for the show which I’ve just found out goes out on 16th February on 5Star. As I rarely watch television I wasn’t able to see it but fortunately the channel have it on their Facebook page so I could see.

Tracy Kiss For 5Star Don’t Tell The Doctor SE01EP01

Naturally I’m expecting to get trolled for sharing such an embarrassing surgery with the world but do you know what? I don’t care because I’d rather that to raise awareness than think of anyone else having to live the way I’d lived my whole life. I’m really excited to see the show go out and it’s only another six days away so I’ll put the children to bed, pour myself a glass of water and treat myself to a bowl of walnuts as I brave my way through watching it. I have no idea how I’ll come across, if people will hate or support me but I’m at peace with myself and my body and feel very positive about honestly sharing a surgical experience which has totally changed my life.

Please never be afraid to seek medical help if you have anything that causes you pain or discomfort. Doctors and surgeons have seen it all before and it’s never as embarrassing as you think it’ll be!

UPDATE: 16/02/17 Don’t Tell The Doctor Airs On 5Star

Tonight I watched series one episode one of Don’t Tell The Doctor which my labiaplasty was on and it’s fair to say I was a little apprehensive the closer the time got to the show going out. I would have shared my experience with the world warts and all anyway as a blogger because I believe in raising awareness and showing everything involved in surgeries that adverts and clinics don’t always allow you to know. But on television I had no control over the content, I couldn’t be sure that the footage would be handled tastefully, sympathetically or educationally as it could have very easily been made to seem smutty, shocking or headline grabbing which sadly the media seems to prefer over informative content these days.

Tracy Kiss The Mail Online Femail Labiaplasty Surgery

Fortunately the hour long episode I was in featured three other case studies showing a lady with all over body acne, a man feeling aggressive from using illegal steroids and a teenage boy with unsavoury smelling feet which I feel was a nice mix of health topics prevalent in todays society. Each case was handled just as I’d hoped it would be, honestly, openly and in such a humane and thought provoking way and it gave me great compassion to see the emotion and turmoil that others were going through when dealing with medical conditions that we can all so easily suffer from but perhaps not discuss. It was very insightful to see the before, during and after process of each person and I’ve certainly learnt a lot of information and advice, particularly about acne, that I will take away with me and apply to my own life because of it.

Tracy Kiss The Sun Labiaplasty Surgery

My labiaplasty and examination were shown with full frontal nudity as I was expecting and it was a moment when I held my breath as I watched it on screen for the first time. Having had the surgery four months ago now it brought the memories, thoughts and feelings flooding back and I’m overwhelmingly thankful at the recognition of how normal my life has become now that I’m healed. I continue to feel very strongly about women having the right to alter their bodies for medical and cosmetic reasons, so long as it’s their choice, for the right reasons and a surgeon is morally sound in order to turn away an emotionally unhealthy patient irrespective of monetary gain. I believe young girls should be educated about healthy genitalia at a school age during sex education as a way to remove the taboo of what many women find an embarrassing subject and choose not to discuss. Boys and girls should understand the variations, differences and characteristics of foreskins and labia in order to make an informed decision at an appropriate age to discuss surgery if they have concerns or similar pains to what I have endured my entire life.

The press have reported on my surgery, without any of my input, in true headline-grabbing fashion stating that I refused the option of growing my pubic hair in favour of having surgery to end my suffering. The articles seem to be more about me not wanting to show any pubic hair as a lingerie model rather than looking at a cure to my daily pain. I have no problem with pubic hair, it’s not for me for personal choice and hygiene reasons and as my labia protruded from my body and chaffed I didn’t want to add to the bulge any further to aggravate my condition which would have conditioned to worsen if I hadn’t have had surgery.

I was alarmed to read in The Independent that Theresa May has warned that courts could be asked to rule whether “purely cosmetic surgery” falls into the same category of crime as female genital mutilation (FGM) because in my eyes these are two very different things. I’m all for putting an end to FGM and making laws as strict and enforceable as possible to prevent women from being forced into mutilation surgery, but suggesting surgeons can be prosecuted regardless of a patient giving their consent is horrendous. Without my surgeon being qualified and confident to perform my labiaplasty I would have spent the rest of my life in increasing pain if this ruling was passed prior to my procedure. As a woman I have a right to my own body, to make choices about my health, my appearance and my lifestyle that should not fall into the hands of anybody else but me. Yes, surgeons should assess the emotional and mental stability of every patient prior to surgery to ensure that they are a suitable candidate with realistic expectations, but that choice to consult a surgeon should ultimately lie with the patient themselves, not through peer pressure, a partner or any other reason. Just as nobody should be forced to undergo an action, treatment or procedure without their full consent I believe no law should be passed to deny people medical or cosmetic control of their own body. We’re all adults, we all have our own reasons and it should be handled in a case-by-case matter without surgeons fearing prosecution because this will only drive the entire process underground and lead to backstreet unskilled butchers mutilating women for which the NHS will undoubtedly have to foot the repair bill.

Theresa May Wants To Make Labiaplasty Surgery Illegal As Is FGM

Theresa has called on the Government to consider a ban on cosmetic genital surgery on girls under the age of 18, yet I fail to understand how boys continue to have elective circumcisions for hygiene, culture, fashion and religious purposes without question. Since 2001 the number of labiaplasties performed by the NHS has risen five-fold to more than 2,000 operations performed in 2010 yet in 2016 I was told that despite having horrendously painful reoccurring labia cysts from extensive daily friction I would not be suitable for any treatment on the NHS. Surely we can’t be as closed-minded in this day and age to prevent a fully informed and consensual, positively life-changing and physically beneficial surgery from taking place because at the other end of the scale misconduct exists. Whether it’s for medical or cosmetic reasons, if you desire a pain-free vagina or simply want it to look pretty it should be your choice as it was mine. Without a question of a doubt I would have had a labiaplasty below the age of 18 if I’d have known that painful genitalia wasn’t normal; it would have made such a difference to my life choices and fitness and as a result I feel that I was unfairly denied that choice through failure to be informed by the various medical professionals who have performed smear tests, childbirth and examinations on me throughout my life.

UPDATE: 21/02/17 Social Media Feedback

It’s been five days since my surgery went out on TV and now I’ve released my blog onto social media people are able to see the full extent of my journey, healing and moving forwards with my life which may not have been obvious in the limited time available on the TV. Hand on heart I was fully expecting to be criticised for showing my vagina as a mother but I’m overwhelmed by the kind hearted comments, acceptance and support I’ve received and somehow I haven’t heard from a single troll. I guess it goes to show how we perceive things as embarrassing and a taboo yet when they’re finally discussed we soon realise there was nothing to ever be embarrassed about in the first place and actually it’s something people find fascinating and always wanted to understand and give their own opinion on.

I’ve Had Lots Of Comments About My Labiaplasty Online

So I thought I’d share with you some comments I’ve received online regarding my labiaplasty surgery. These comments have been taken from my Facebook page for which the whole world has access, predominantly those who follow me appreciate what I do but if trolls wish to comment or contribute I don’t stop them – I just somehow haven’t had any negativity yet. Yet!

For ease of displaying comments I’ve copied and pasted Facebook responses to my surgery here exactly word for word as they’ve been written and haven’t changed, corrected or censored any content. The comments range from different ages, cultures, religions and genders worldwide so sometimes there can be a language barrier and some can be very upfront and opinionated but I think it’s eye-opening to have an honest and unbiased mix of opinion. For ease of reading I have written my response in red. What do you think of my labiaplasty experience?

Alexandre Bermingham WOW amazing what plastic surgeons can do these days!! But was it really a cosmetic surgery or just because you were feeling that it was not pretty with them, because there was noting with the looks?? My gf is almost like you were before and she feels that its not pretty and is also thinking of that surgery!
It hurt me daily and made exercise very uncomfortable I really don’t care what it looks like I just didn’t want to avoid everyday activities because of soreness anymore x

Keith Hetrick Omg that looks like it hurts like a bitch? Do you have any all healed up pics?

Was a bit sore! There’s the before and after pics x

Calvin Leon Shatley  Looked painful, was it really worth the journey.???

It was painful but it put an end to my daily discomfort and now I can exercise and walk and sit like every other woman without pain x
Alan Granger Although I haven’t read through all of this yet as there’s a lot of material & it’s getting late here & I’m a bit tired.
I will certainly read up 2morrow sometime😊
Just wanted 2 let u know how amazed & impressed I am with all your courage & honesty in regards 2 this post & others 👍
We’re extremely fortunate 2 have someone like yourself around addressing the day 2 day issues that u do.
As controversial as some things may be your posts etc are sincere & brilliant & speak volumes 4 you as a person 😊
Your a very special lady Trace 😉
Beat wishes & kindest regards Al. 💋
Bob Nix I’m a guy that just ran across this. I did read your story.Usually i say leaver things as is. Cause all is beautiful as they are.. But when it comes to health or personal reason like you. You have to do what you have to do. From a guy it looks good before and after. Lol. But for your sake all looks like everything went good. You seem happy with it. Now its 1 more thing to file away as done. And keep enjoying life. Just a bit less self conscious and painful. Would have never thought of this as a condition or anything. Now i do
Scott Lopez You are braver than me. I have had a vasectomy and a penial bridge surgery aka circumsion gone wrong. Yeah it stings a bit for a while, a lot of nerve endings there. Glad you’re happy with the out come of your surgery.
Shaun Dartnell Well done Gorgeous, you continue to keep me in awe of your openness and outgoing personality. . You are an amazing role model for woman of all ages.. Good on you Tracy. . You’ve come a long way since the very beginning days xx How’s the hunt for Mr right coming?
Dieter Grobe You do what you need to do all the support wasn’t easy but you are damn strong as always 
Dave Walton Not gonna lie I wanted to see the pics, no more beef sandwich lol but the article was very interesting, informative open and honest, fingers crossed it’ll give other women the courage to not suffer in silence x
Emilio Santomé It’s great that from now on you are not going to suffer the pain you gone through all these time. I would like to say that, in my opinion, you are really brave for sharing your story, and I consider it really important as there could be a lot of women out there going through the same without knowing that there is a solution. You do a great work raising awareness of all the causes that you have supported. Women should be free to be well informed, in order to make the best decisions regarding themselves, their body, their health, and overall their happiness, in each and every corner of the world. 

If you have any thoughts, feedback or questions concerning my labiaplasty please feel free to leave them in the comment box below. Perhaps this is a surgery you’re considering or maybe you have the same symptoms as I. Raising awareness and opening up the discussion of female taboos will go a great way towards ending such suffering and answering concerns. 

My Surgeons Details Are As Follows:
Ms Angelica Kavouni MD FRCS EBOPRAS
Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon
Tel: 02074867757
Address: 129 Harley Street, London W1G 6BA, England
Email: [email protected]

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  • Very interesting subject and not something I ever gave much thought to, its certainly not FGM and is a genuine medical complaint, May is clueless.
    Hopefully your bravery will help a lot of women suffering in silence.

  • I think it’s great that you seeked help with the what was giving you so much discomfort. I wish more women would take control like you do.

    • If my doctor hadn’t told me I never would have known the pain wasn’t normal, I’m very fortunate that I realised something could be done and I hope to pass this message onto others because it’s a horrible condition to live with. Embarrassment shouldn’t stand in the way of freedom x

  • I must say that I think that you have been tremendously brave to go through this surgery. It must have taken a lot of consideration about whether or not to have it done. I am so enormously fascinated by you actually going through with it. It is a very beautiful result that you have got from your surgery. Congratulations with it Tracy darling. It must also have taken very much thought to have it done publicly and on television. On top of that you, you have written all about it here on the internet for everyone to see. And yes, not only the text, but also all the pictures, as I expect have been taken from the television. Once again Tracy darling, you have been so exceptionally brave to go through with it, and I am so very proud to be able to call you my friend. I will never forget you Tracy my love. I don’t seem to be able to get past the fact that you have been so very very brave. I hope that we can remain friends forever my darling. Please do take very good care of yourself for me and take care of your two babies as well.

    • Thank you Jan, I’d spent my entire life living in discomfort and when I heard that it could be stopped with surgery I was prepared to do something drastic about it in order to have a normal life. I hope that other women will now see that this problem can actually be fixed x

  • I am so happy that you no longer is suffering, and that you Tracy is a brave Woman, and that you are a legit amazing human being and a fabulous role model of a Woman!
    People are going to troll and be immature about what you did, but what really matters is is that you did something that made you happy, satisfied, relieved of the uncomfortable situation that you were going through, and that you loved yourself so much that you did it for yourself and who ever that person is, is making jokes or harrassing you and/or bullying you of your decision, is utterly pathetic.
    You Tracy is the best role model of a true Adult Woman!👏👍😁💪💝

    Tracy, I have a question, in the Article you wrote, their is a title that saids about Sexual Intercourse, how did you have sexual intercourse? Are you still single or married?
    Or does the Doctor uses a Dildo to insert and to test if your Vagina Canal and especially your Vagina lips.

  • How many days would I need to take off the gym after a labiaplasty? I lift and I don’t want to take off too many days.. can I squat a week after? Lol I just don’t wanna lose my gains

    • I’m not aware of it being online but it may be repeated again on television, I’m unable to share it to youtube for copyright laws or I’d have uploaded it myself

  • I just had mine done on Monday afternoon and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be! I’m home all day alone with my 2 year old daughter … and besides the day I came home when my friend stayed to watch her so I could rest… I’ve been able to do everything I needed to do on my own. Major props for going to the gym and using a tampon…. I can’t even imagine doing that ever again at this point! Lol

    • That’s great news Lauren I’m pleased to hear you’re resting well. Give it time to heal and you’ll be gymming again before you know it! Please let me know how you get on x

  • Hi,
    Thank you so much for sharing- this was really in depth. I like to know as many other women’s perspective on going through with a labiaplasty and what they thought of the whole process. This post really gives a lot of great insight and what to expect!

  • Your blog was very interesting. I’m so glad I came across it. I am 1 week post op and can’t wait to see what my final results will be. As of right now I’m pretty scared to look down there. I took a peek and it frightened me. I also had the procedure done for medical reasons ….EV

  • I had labiaplasty 20 days ago and I am very hyper sensitive from my hood to my vaginal opening and clothing rides right up now did you experience any of this?

  • Adult men and women should be allowed to do whatever they want to their genitals, but circumcising minors of either gender should be illegal

    • I agree, if it is medically necessary then children should be helped with circumcision, however if it is a choice then they should be of age to make that choice for themselves and not be forced into something against their will to please others x

      • Hi, thank you so much for this wonderful article. I’ve been researching this for years and this is all I’ve been able to find. I really want to get this procedure, I’ve had issues wearing almost all pants and the seams really hurt, I hope this will help. It does seem like I’ve gotten more sensitive over the years as well. I have lower back problems from sitting differently – if I can’t get this surgery I don’t know what I’ll do. Thank you for sharing, this has helped immensely.

  • First I was sad for all the pain you were having. Then happy for you.

    Selfishly, though, I find larger labia more beautiful. But good for you.

  • Hi! Found your post by accident. I was looking to see if anyone else had labiaplasty. Love that you were able to document your journey. Agree with you that it’s women’s right to have these types of elective surgery. I’m in the U.S. and insurance will cover male circumcision, but not labiaplasty for women. Double standards. Glad you recovered fast and happy with the results.

    This is off the subject…Please don’t use the term “Chinese burn” as a description. I was a little surprised when I saw it since you had obviously tried not to offend anyone. I know you probably didn’t mean to offend, but it’s offensive. I’ve never heard of it and had to look it up, but I knew it couldn’t be good.

    • Thank you for your comment and I’m glad that you found my blog helpful. I’m sorry if I’ve caused offence, it’s an old English term that I first heard in childhood as is used here in the UK to explain a twisting friction sensation x

  • You don’t know how helpful this has been to me. I had mine 4 days ago and it has been hard. I sometimes wonder if it will work, if I will have the desirable results. This article gave me hope

    • I hope that you are ok and recovering well. As women we should be free and able to understand and discuss intimate health issues, it was absolutely life changing for me to be free from pain and I hope you too have found freedom through choice x

  • Thank you for sharing your experience with all the details. I always wanted to have labiaplasty since I was a teenager. Now I’m 30 and finally had the courage to have my surgery last Friday. I read your blog before I booked the surgery and it was really helpful. My surgery was performed by a surgeon in Turkey, where I live now. It has been just 4 days since the surgery and I’m already happy with the result. I can’t wait to see the final result 🙂

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