Energy Saving Britelite Direct LED Bulbs

I’ve had my fair share of lighting disasters from burning my fingers when changing bulbs to choosing the wrong wattage and having to fumble around in a dark half-light whilst I wait for my expensive energy saving bulbs to get bright. I have to admit that I love old-school white-hot lights, like a moth to the flame my home is filled with ornate chandeliers, table lamps and spotlights which cost me a small fortune in bulbs yet blow just as quickly as I’ve changed them which is why I took a nosey round Britelite Direct.

Energy Saving Britelite Direct LED Bulbs

Energy Saving Britelite Direct LED Bulbs

Lighting has come a very long way in the past few years and thankfully gone are the days of meek flickering clunky eco-bulbs as energy saving LED’s are taking the market by storm. Not only are they super bright and instant but they also save a small fortune in electricity and stay as cool and calm as your purse when you see their cost, as buying them online is far cheaper than the penny-guzzling traditional bulbs that have always stung me!

To put things into perspective the average 3-bed semi detached house could save £350 a year by converting to LED lighting with each LED bulb lasting 25,000hrs compared to traditional bulbs spanning just 1,000hrs; that’s a whopping twenty-five times the life-span. My bulb haul of 23x SES LED Candle Bulbs run 5.5w = 40w, a minscule 14p per k/w per hour meaning that each LED should save me £120 over it’s lifespan and I love the thought of an additional £2,760 in my bank simply for changing a few bulbs. It also put’s my mind at ease that my children’s inquisitive little fingers can stay safe from the cool bulbs now in my lamps and lighting my entire home for the next five years is one less thing to worry about!


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