Amazon Wishlist Fever Hosiery White Fishnet Hold-Ups

Hold-up’s are pretty sexy aren’t they! There’s no denying that you get a little twinkle in your eye and a bit of sass in your strut the second you slip your toes into some sexy hosiery. So I was pleasantly surprised when I received this gorgeous gift from my Amazon Wishlist and would like to say thank you to my kind reader who sent it!

Amazon Wishlist Fever Hosiery White Fishnet Hold-Ups

Amazon Wishlist Fever Hosiery White Fishnet Hold-Ups

Here I am wearing one-size-fits-most white fishnet hold-ups featuring beautiful floral lace tops lined with silicone to keep them effortlessly in place. I adore the scalloped edging to the tops which create feminine curves and fluid lines across the leg rather than cutting into the skin like most hold-ups leaving the thighs looking like chunky doughnuts. White is a colour that is very innocent and angelic and I love how prim and proper it makes me feel when I’m wearing these.

Whether you team them with some sexy lingerie, beneath a pencil skirt or entirely commando hold-ups always bring such electricity to a moment and look sensational with a pair of heels to elongate the legs. Be bold, have fun and never underestimate the power of good hosiery!

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  • I just love pull ups as you call them. They are but one of many weaknesses I have. And they look absolutely sexy on you and go perfect with the rest of your outfit. One look and I automatically have but one thing on my mind. And would do or say anything. You have a way of bringing out the most basic primitive emotions of any man and most woman if they were completely honest. So I thank you for modeling them and showing me once more just how weak I am when it comes to certain things. I often kid myself by thinking I possess a willpower to look away and not think such thoughts.

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