EQUIP Oversized Waterless Wash Wipes

It’s happened to us all at one point or another, when you’ve been out all afternoon, working, travelling, shopping or visiting friends and you hit a wall of unsavoury hygiene, that moment when you catch a waft of your own body odour or feel self-consciously stale and so you resist hugging or getting too close to others just incase they realise. You can spray an extra layer of deodorant over your already clammy skin or pile on the perfume and choke everybody around you, if only you could take a convenient shower. Or why not keep one in your handbag? Because the EQUIP Oversized Waterless Wash Wipes do precisely that.

Tracy Kiss Reviews EQUIP Oversized Waterless Wash Wipes

Tracy Kiss Reviews EQUIP Oversized Waterless Wash Wipes

Dermatologically tested and pH balanced, they’re mild and kind to skin with a blend of coconut extract for cleansing, aloe vera for soothing and organic Karanja nut glycerin for moisturising. The wash wipes smell divinely natural and feel quenching and refreshing on the skin. The oversized wipes are 30cms long, and as you can see from the picture above they cover a great area of skin at a time. Gliding them across my arms and legs, they’re more like a small towel than a wipe, as they’re surprisingly thick and packed with moisture, briefly leaving a featherlight puff of fluffy soap on the skin which quickly absorbs in, feeling silky soft, satisfyingly fresh and cleansed.

Because they’re so big it means that you can literally shower yourself on the spot in the middle of a scorching hot desert with a single wipe. With twenty-four wipes in a pack you could go camping for almost an entire month, visit festivals, have breakfast on a beach or spend a day in a hot car driving between meetings and still be ready in time for dinner after a quick freshen up wipe. They are every mothers dream and the answer to on-the-spot personal hygiene no matter the weather, location or occasion.

For more information, a full product range or to purchase the waterless wash wipes you can visit Waterless Hygiene online here!

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