EQUIP Waterless Shampoo Cap

I typically wash my hair every other day so as not to dry it out. But there are times when I’m out and about and I’ve stretched the life span of my glossy locks which can look flat and oily when in need of a wash. Whether I’ve had a workout or sunbathed and gotten sweaty, spent an afternoon outdoors or at the beach, or to go from a daytime activity to the evening it’s not always possible to wash your hair and look your best without a sink and water. So that’s where the waterless shampoo cap comes in, yes that’s right, you can wash your mane without a drop of water or soap suds in sight.

Tracy Kiss Reviews EQUIP Waterless Shampoo Cap

Tracy Kiss Reviews EQUIP Waterless Shampoo Cap

The waterless cap contains shampoo and conditioner that can be used hot or cold, as you can heat it in a microwave for up to fifteen seconds at 750W. To use the cap you simply tear open the pack, place it over your head and tuck your hair up, massaging for around three minutes to work the product into the hair. With it being pH balanced and dermatologically tested it’s mild on skin whilst cleaning, freshening and conditioning your hair.

Unlike traditional flimsy shower caps made from stiff cheap plastic designed to keep the hair dry, the EQUIP shampoo cap is thick, high quality and saturated with moisture. The smooth and soft plastic cap houses an elasticated material that holds itself in place on the head, and traps the moisture in without pulling on your hair or trickling down your face and neck. Not only does it keep you dry, but your hair perfectly wet, shampooed and conditioned and it smells divine. The fragrance reminds me of holiday, fruity fresh and filled with sunshine.

After massing the cap on my head I took it off and towel dried my hair to remove any liquid so that no rinsing was required, and voila, beautifully fresh hair in just three minutes! I really didn’t think it was possible to wash your hair without a shower or bath, but EQUIP have proved me wrong, and my hair was just as saturated and fresh afterwards as it would be when you wring it out before stepping out of a shower, not quite enough to drip but certainly enough to be saturated. This is such a great idea for festivals, camping, and even after facial piercings, injuries or surgeries where you have to keep your face and upper body dry but would still like to wash your hair without getting wet. My hair is just as healthy looking and glossy again as if I’d have washed it in the shower, nobody would ever know, and it’s all thanks to the waterless shampoo cap.

For more information, a full product range or to purchase the waterless wash cap you can visit Waterless Hygiene online here!

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