Quorn Mince Vegetarian Chilli With White Mixed Rice

Quorn mince is a great source of protein and is low in saturated fat, making it a versatile and healthier option to meat. It can be used in so many dishes, from bolognese, pies and gravy, lasagne and chilli. Here I have made a gloriously glossy homemade vegetarian quorn mince chilli on a bed of mixed basmati and long grain rice for texture with a sprinkle of extra mature cheddar cheese. Please excuse my tastebuds whilst they attempt to drown me!

Quorn Mince Vegetarian Chilli With White Mixed Rice

Quorn Mince Vegetarian Chilli With White Mixed Rice

Making a veggie chilli is incredibly easy and one of my favourite dishes, as it was a staple meal during my childhood and always reminds me of home. I love preparing it for my children as you can load it full of vegetables, protein and fibre and they gobble it up in seconds.

First I start by slicing, dicing and peeling the vegetables. You can really add as many or few ingredients as you like, but again when I cook I always base my meals around the ingredients in my fridge and store cupboard and adapt each dish to suit what I have in at the time. Today I used a white onion, carrot, red, green and yellow pepper, fresh ginger, garlic, white mushrooms and bay leaves from my herb garden. Once suitably chopped I scoop the vegetables into a saucepan with a few spoons of extra virgin olive oil, a vegetable stock cube and sprinkling of salt and pepper to taste, before covering with a lid to simmer on a medium heat until the vegetables have softened.

Next I free pour the quorn mince from the freezer into the pot, with a roughly even ratio of vegetables to mince because I like it to be a balanced dish and not too ‘meaty’ as it can lose flavour if the vegetables are drowned out. I then add a heap spoon of marmite which is a vegetarian friendly yeast extract, a large squirt of puree’d tomato paste, a splash of Worcestershire sauce, a tin of chopped tomatoes and a tin of kidney beans after rinsing them in water. I replace the lid and after bringing to the boil, simmer on a medium heat for around twenty to thirty minutes until the juice has a glossy oil film to the top of it.

You can also add water if you prefer the sauce to be thinner, but I enjoy a good consistency much like a blended soup. I love chilli with brown rice and cumin seeds, but as the children prefer white rice, to add a nice texture I have cooked white basmati with a long grain which gives a fluffy yet firm texture. I first rinse the rice in a pan of cold water until the starch is out and the water runs clear, before covering a couple of centimetres above the food level with water, bringing to the boil with a lid on and then turning it off to sit and steam for around fifteen minutes on the stove. Then you simply plate up the rice, add a scoop or two of chilli and a sprinkling of grated extra-mature cheddar cheese and voila! A well rounded delicious meal in just over thirty minutes. Have you tried quorn mince before? What is your favourite chilli recipe and will you be trying mine?

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