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Being a mother of two young children I am very well accustomed to the trusty wetwipe. When we are out and about they save runny noses, clean down grazed knees and wipe away mucky hands ready for a picnic at the park. Yet they can also become rather dry, thread bear, and leave you feeling only semi-cleansed, with¬†their perfume irritating sensitive skin. But we can’t expect too much can we, because a wetwipe is simply a wet wipe and no match to the trusty sink with flowing water and antibacterial soap. That was until EQUIP designed their waterless wash wipes.

Tracy Kiss Reviews EQUIP Waterless Wash Wipes

Tracy Kiss Reviews EQUIP Waterless Wash Wipes

The packaging is bright and fresh in a sunny yellow shade, proudly boasting a 6-in-1 formulation suitable for “your most private areas” making each wash wipe cleansing, moisturising, anti-itch, barrier protection, deodorising and soothing. Being dermatologically tested and pH balanced it is safe on skin, and can be used for both practical and protective purposes. Peeling back the clear label on the front of the packaging I removed a wipe from the pack and as insignificant as a wipe may be expected, I had a real ‘wow’ moment. These wipes are unlike any ordinary wetwipe, as the thickness is more like a napkin, yet soft and strong at the same time. The sheer volume of moisture that it held made it shimmer and glisten in the light as if it were pearlescent and it smelt simply beautifully, subtle and natural with its fusion of coconut and Canadian willow herb to help soothe the skin.

The wash wipes are unexpectedly packed with moisture and continue to remain moist for several minutes after use, with each wipe going such a very long way. It’s in the high twenties for temperature today so its safe to say that my skin could do with a freshen up, and my underarms a cleanse. Running the wash wipe across my neck, arms and shoulders was incredibly refreshing and revitalising and I ooh’d and ahh’d over the welcome freshness. The biggest challenge of all is no doubt the underarm test, as despite applying deodorant in the morning, by the afternoon I was clammy and lets just say a little less than fresh. The wipes left my underarms feeling as though I’d had a shower, they took away the stale moisture and left me fresh and satisfyingly cleansed, which a wetwipe could never have come close to. I am entirely surprised by the ability and practicality of the EQUIP waterless wash wipes as I really wasn’t expecting the quality and lifespan that each wipe has. This is a mothers dream, a festival goers best friend and a hygienists everyday essential. Whether you’re travelling on the underground, going to the park, taking a day trip, driving all day or resting in bed, for any situation where you’re in need of soap and water and it isn’t around, then this is most certainly the next best thing. The wash wipes have exceeded my expectations and completely raised my appreciation for the humble wipe. Personal hygiene when out and about will indeed never be the same again.

For more information, a full product range or to purchase the waterless wash wipes you can visit Waterless Hygiene online here!

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