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Today I came to the Belmore Centre in Stoke Mandeville to have my eyelashes tinted. I’m forever looking for ways to make my daily beauty regime quicker, easier and more professional. I would love nothing more than to wake up in the morning and look like a fresh and glowing goddess without a hair out of place, as opposed to the tired and bedraggled monster that annoyingly greets me in the mirror each day.

I stopped wearing mascara around three years ago now after always having hassle from it. Some mascaras would make my eyes water, clump my lashes and make them look like spider legs, smudge off and give me panda eyes or just gather in a ball of disgusting goo in the corner of my eye to annoy me. I’m looking to have darker more defined natural lashes without having to do a thing to them, so tinting is the perfect beauty fix and is so quick and convenient to do.

Eyelash Tinting At The Belmore Centre

Eyelash Tinting At The Belmore Centre

Pulling into the car park of the Belmore Centre which was clearly signposted from the main Stoke Mandeville Hospital road, I was pleasantly greeted by the friendly and welcoming staff at reception before being shown to a beautiful white stone waiting area filled with beauty products, soft lighting and soothing music. A few moments later I was greeted by Lauren, my therapist, and shown to a peaceful, cosy and quiet treatment room upstairs which was furnished with beautiful white and purple materials and sumptuous soft fluffy towels. After answering a few questions about my health concerning the procedure that I was about to have, Lauren showed me to the bed where I laid down, closed my eyes and the thirty minute appointment began.

Lauren started by removing my eye makeup with a pad to ensure that the eye area was clean and dry before applying Vaseline above and below the lash line so as not to tint the skin. A soft and slightly adhesive pad was placed below my lashes for which I had to close my eyes so that the tint could be applied.

As I wanted dark black lashes a blue/black tint was mixed up to give the strongest definition with brown or grey also available in the same tints used to dye eyebrows. The tint was mixed in a small dish beside me as I lay peacefully with my eyes closed listening to the soft music and almost drifting off. Lauren applied the tint with a cotton bud to my upper and lower lashes before placing a pad over my eyelids to help me to keep them still and closed so that the dye could take hold.

Fifteen minutes later the pads, adhesive strip and tint were wiped off and my new gorgeously black luscious lashes revealed. I love how both my top and bottom lashes are now so strongly defined, frame my eyes and really open up my face. They are so flawless, beautiful and natural looking and I need not do anything to them now. My only aftercare is to avoid using make up remover on my lashes, which I won’t need as I’m not wearing anything on them, and they will remain perfect for six to eight weeks when my lashes will naturally shed and new ones replace them. To think that gluing strips of false lashes to your eyes will pull out your natural hairs and constantly applying mascara irritates, moves and goops onto your face, but my lovely lashes will stay perfect without having to do anything to them. And when I wake up in the morning I will look like a glorious butterfly, rather than having a curled up hairy caterpillar on my pillow! God bless the Belmore Centre!

I absolutely adored having my lashes tinted and will certainly be coming back for another top up in a few months time. Taking just a few minutes out for a pamper this afternoon has left me feeling rested and immaculate. And with beauty vouchers available, for just £17.50 it’s a lunch break must have and makes the ideal gift for loved ones.

You can visit the Belmore Centre’s website here and watch me having my lashes tinted in this video:

Here’s the technical part from Beauty Therapist Lauren:
It is important to perform a tint patch test 24-48 hours prior to treatment to ensure there is no allergic reaction. The patch test is usually carried out behind the ear or in the crease of the
arm, just a small amount of tint is necessary. Ideally the client would have no eye makeup on as eye makeup removers that contain oil can inhibit the results. Tracy had no eye makeup on so this was great.

I asked Tracy what her usual makeup for the eyes was and she replied that she doesn’t usually wear mascara so it would be lovely if her eyelashes look like they had it on, I explained that the tint will make the lashes darker so appearing slightly fuller but they will not actually be any longer or indeed physically thicker.

I applied Vaseline under the bottom lash and applied cotton wool snapped to fit the eye contour, this protects the skin from the tint. The eyes can then be closed and Vaseline can be applied to the eye lid.
Blue black tint is the darkest, the blue gives more depth, tint is applied and left on for 10 mins and the removed with damp cotton wool.

If you are looking for luscious dark lashes that are all your own then a tint is your new best friend, lasting for up to 4-6 weeks is perfect for holidays meaning the panda look is a thing of the past.

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