Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid

As the number one fake tan choice for celebrities, Fake Bake are experts in creating the perfect glow. From the red carpet to the boardroom there is no reason to not have a fabulous tan all year round with Fake Bake. And with the gloomy cold evenings setting in I could certainly do with a touch of sunshine in the form of a flawless golden tan to hide my white and wobbly lady lumps.

Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan

Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan

There is something very therapeutic in seeing your skin looking healthy and golden. In my opinion waking up on a dreary morning with gorgeously bronzed legs is the ultimate way to start the day; no more mottled chicken thighs from the cold or disastrous dark circles creeping out from under your eyes, just smooth and soft gorgeously golden skin all over without the fear of sun damage or premature ageing from cooking yourself under those harmful UV rays.

I love how a beautiful tan can really accentuate your best features, as my eyes always seem to look that little bit bluer and my teeth so much whiter with a tan. It also encourage me to wear brighter colours, to have bolder makeup and to  feel more cheerful and confident in my appearance, and as a result I find that people are more welcoming to me in return. You can’t help but want to smile when you feel good about yourself. Thankfully you needn’t be a celebrity to rock a beautiful Fake Bake tan, as the travel size flawless self-tan liquid can transform you into a bronzed goddess from the comfort of your own home.

The professional Fake Bake tan has a delicious black coconut fragrance that transports your senses to a far off tropical paradise. And Flawless is aptly named as it promises to deliver a beautiful, golden tan to all no matter your skin tone or type and without artificial preservatives. You simply spray a fine mist of tan over freshly exfoliated skin and smooth over with the mitt included to get a nice even coverage. The dual function cosmetic bronzer gives an instant tan so that you can see exactly where you have been, and where you have left to cover which then goes on to develop into a long lasting, sunless glow. It is fast drying and absorbs almost instantly into the skin making it transfer resistant and can be worn throughout the day. I have bright white Egyptian cotton bedding that wasn’t affected by my tan at all as I slept all night before showering off in the morning, and it’s tropical scent leaves you smelling divine instead of digestive-biscuit.

In the past I was weary of using a home tan as I’ve seen many horror stories on nights out where girls miss the back of their arms completely, have glowing orange ankles or dry and heavily caked knees and finger webbing, but so long as you prepare the skin properly throughout then it’s incredibly easy to achieve salon quality results at home. Before tanning you need to think about hair control, there’s nothing worse than having a gorgeous tan with hairy armpits or stubbly legs, so remember to wax or shave at least 24hrs before tanning to allow your skin to calm first. Any products you put onto your skin can react to the tan and effect the colour so stay away from makeup, deodorant, perfume, body oils and lotions before tanning.

In order to get the maximum amount of life out of your tan your skin needs to be as fresh as possible, so remove dead skin cells before tanning by exfoliating in the shower. Whether you use a sponge, rough flannel or loofah you want to create enough friction to shed all of the old and flaking skin to stop the new cells wearing off as quickly once bronzed, paying particular attention to the feet, knees and elbows without damaging the skin.

In particularly dry areas such as heels, the feet, knees and elbows you can apply a Fake Bake Smoothie Oil to stop the tan from clinging to any dry skin. The best way to apply the tanning liquid is with the mitt provided, starting at the neck and working downwards in a gradual circular motion. Remember to bend and straighten your arms and legs so that you get all of the creases, and go across your face as you would use a moisturiser, around your ears, behind your neck and up to the hairline. Once the tan is in place it’s best to keep your clothes off for several minutes so that the skin can dry off, and stick to wearing loose clothing afterwards to allow the colour to develop without getting worn in any areas. You want to avoid water at all costs as it can cause the colour to run, as will sweat or steam, and be careful not to dribble when you brush your teeth.

Always allow your tan to develop properly in order to get the most from the colour, I pop it on in the evening and go to bed giving it an entire night to develop and wash off any excess in the morning with a light shower, you want to leave the initial tan on for around 6-8hrs before washing it off. Despite my blindingly crisp white bedding, Fake Bake doesn’t rub onto my sheets and doesn’t stain my clothes which is a massive plus point for me as it means that I can go about my usual routine whilst waiting for my tan to develop without destroying any fabrics and furnishings around my home. When you shower off use warm water until the excess colour runs off and the water turns clear, and stick to a mild soap that won’t strip the colour. You’ll also want to avoid swimming pools whilst tanned as it can cause the colour to fade prematurely.

The perfect way to prolong a tan is to make sure you moisturise your skin on a daily basis, which the Fake Bake Smoothie Oil or Fake Bake Tan Enhancing Lotion is perfectly developed for, as other moisturisers may contain alkaline’s that strip colour and turn your tan patchy. You want to begin exfoliating the skin gently around 5-7 days after fake tanning for which Fake Bake Body Polish works fab. In order to allow your tan to fade evenly you can exfoliate every two days to prepare the skin for it’s next application of tan and maintain an all year round flawless Fake Bake tan.

The Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid costs £22.95 for 170ml and can be purchased here!


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