Lapland Mailroom Children’s Personalised Letter From Santa

There is something so beautiful about childhood at Christmas. The magic, the mystery, the wonderment and effervescent excitement on the faces of little ones. In a world where children grow up far too quickly, preserving innocence and belief is incredibly important, and so a letter from Santa at the Lapland Mailroom is absolutely priceless to my two little angels, Millisent 7yrs and Gabriele 2yrs.

Lapland Mailroom Chrildren's Personalised Letters From Santa

Lapland Mailroom Chrildren’s Personalised Letters From Santa

Each year we have a Christmas family photo taken at our local grotto with Santa, where we huddle in our hats and gloves and cheerful Christmas jumpers, the children beaming from ear to ear and starstruck from seeing Santa. We sprinkle pouches of reindeer food made from sawdust and twinkling glitter across the lawn on Christmas Eve for Rudolph to know where to land, and the little ones press their noses up against the cold steamed up bedroom windows, looking out and listening for Santa in his sleigh as he brings their presents for under the tree. This year Millie is into fairy princesses and Olly Murs, taking over from her Hello Kitty and One Direction phase. Gabriele is absolutely obsessed with Peppa Pig and baby animals, from his pet bunnies, cat and dog at home to cuddly teddybear pigs and pandas in his bed. He still prefers playing with the box rather than the toy itself, and conveniently enjoys hoovering and loading the washing machine with me bless him.

The Lapland Mailroom offers four beautiful letters to choose from, all of which can be personalised and vary slightly in content, so each of your children has something unique. Three of the letters are suitable for all ages and the fourth is specifically for babies first Christmas which is a beautiful keepsake to cherish forever. Each letter is personalised to include the child’s name, age and address, and it mentions the child’s best friend as well as highlighting the gift they would like most and bringing a smile to the faces of children and parents alike. The festive site is very easy to use, as there is a single form to fill out where you can enter the personalised details for as many letters as you like, and they make a great gift for nieces and nephews too.

My little ones love receiving post, and to have an envelope watermarked from Santa’s Lapland Mailroom is incredibly exciting and special. The A4 letters are adorably presented in a traditional Christmas style, on high quality bespoke paper and they look and feel very special indeed. You can imagine Santa writing his letters to the children of the world from his huge oak desk in the glittering grotto of the North Pole. The fact that Santa writes using each childs full name, mentions their best friend, favourite toys and knows what treats they leave out for Rudolph will make them squeal with joy when they read it, as they’ll realise that Santa knows all about them. There is a cheerful picture of Santa in the corner of the letter with his fluffy white beard, kind smiling eyes and glistening gold rimmed spectacles, exactly as I remember him from my own childhood. Conveniently you have the choice to sign the letter as Santa or Father Christmas depending on what your child knows him as.

Included with the letter is an activity pack of children’s festive craft activities printed on a thick white card which consists of a colouring in Santa Stop Here sign, Christmas card, bedroom door hanger, tree decoration and an Elf Yourself activity sheet and are sure to keep the children busy for hours. It’s a lovely idea to get the children crafting whilst making their own decorations and Christmas cards for the family, and again something that we can keep safe and treasure forever. Last but not least there is a 2014 Nice Child List Certificate personally addressed to each of the children and a lovely idea that I have never seen in the shops before. At the end of summer I start to use Christmas as a reference point to encourage the little ones to keep up their good behaviour all year and to earn their place on Santa’s good list, as they know that he sees everything. The A5 certificate is printed to match the traditional style of Santa’s letter, with a pretty wax stamp at the bottom and their name specially hand written by Santa, stating “Congratulations on this excellent achievement,” much like a highly commended merit award from school, and in recognition of a years worth of effort and good behaviour. I shall have my camera at the ready to catch the children’s faces when they open their special letters from Santa as it is the perfect way to welcome in the magic of such a precious and festive time of year.

The letters leave the mailroom from 1st December 2014, arriving at your door just a few days later. There is also a next day delivery option available if ordered before 2pm.

Santa’s Letter & Activity Pack is priced at £7.95, and the 2014 Nice Child List Certificate is £2.99 which can be purchased from the Lapland Mailroom here!
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