Fatcow: Forever Fit by Tracy Kiss

Being a parent is never an easy task, let alone a single parent to two young children. I gained a lot of weight with both of my pregnancies and found that I had no time or energy to take care of myself, so I hid my body away in baggy jumpers, kept out of family photos and resigned myself to blending into the background in life.

Fatcow: Forever Fit by Tracy Kiss

Fatcow: Forever Fit by Tracy Kiss

I felt fat and ugly and hated my body. After years spent starving myself as a model I found myself alone and overweight with two children. So I changed my lifestyle to achieve the body of my dreams all without having a gym membership or any help from others. I have since gone on to help thousands of people worldwide to realise their own fitness goals and turn their lives around, and here I’m pleased to share my journey with you all and encourage you to do the same and take control of your life.

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts and comments on my new ebook Fatcow: Forever Fit which is available now on Amazon for just £1.99.


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Tracy Kiss

Social influencer, Bodybuilder, Mother, Vegan
London, UK

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