Ozeri Black Touch Sensitive Glass Kitchen Scale

I love a good kitchen gadget, but I’m always fighting for space on my counter tops and I’m certainly not a fan of clutter and things that gather dust. My cupboards are well stacked with blenders, slow cookers, whisks and various crockery and dishes and so I’m always looking for ways to save myself space and time when cooking for my busy family. The Ozeri Black Touch Sensitive Glass Kitchen Scale caught my eye because of its stylish design and touch sensitivity.

Ozeri Black Touch Sensitive Glass Kitchen Scale

Ozeri Black Touch Sensitive Glass Kitchen Scale

The black tempered glass scale features touch sensitive buttons for easy operation, equipped with high precision sensors and a large LCD display to measure weight clearly in pounds, grams, ounces and millilitres. There is also a handy precision tare feature which calculates the net weight of any ingredients, and what really attracted me to this set in particular was the stylish black glass design which matches with my other kitchen accessories.

The scale comes wrapped in a plastic pouch with sturdy cardboard packing to keep it safe in transit and protected for storage. When buying new kitchen gadgets and electricals it can often be a struggle to find the right batteries needed or to have enough spare to hand, but fortunately these come already included and you simply have to slip the plastic insulating tab out of the back to activate it for your first use.

There are two buttons on the scale making it very quick and easy to use, this is the on/off tare button and the unit button. Making sure it’s on a flat surface for accuracy I touch the on/off button once to turn it on, and hold my finger on it for two seconds to turn it off, with an automatic turn-off mode kicking in after two minutes of inactivity so as not to waste energy. To change the unit of measurement you simply touch the unit button repeatedly as you scroll through the options available of g, fl.oz, lb/oz and ml. The slimline scale has a rather generous capacity of 5750g, 194.5 fl.oz, 12 lb 10.8oz and 5750ml which I really wasn’t expecting for its compact size. And if you overload it the display will indicate ‘EEEE’ as well as flashing a battery symbol when the power is running low. The scale takes two lithium CR2032 batteries which are thin silver coins and can be found in most supermarkets and DIY stores.

When using my scale each object is measured accurately and quickly, fine tuning to an exact weight within just a couple of seconds every time, and the tare feature is proving incredibly useful. I often find myself needing to measures items that require a container to hold them, such as half a cup of sugar, so I first place my empty cup on the scale and press the tare button, this measures the weight of the cup and takes it away from the final weight once the sugar is added, giving a precise reading of just the sugar despite it being inside a cup. Rather than having big clunky scales with a bowl or dish built onto the top, this sleek and stylish glass scale takes up very little space, is incredibly well made, is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth and can hold a wide variety of shapes, sizes and volumes making it perfect for every home and a wonderful addition to my high-tech kitchen.

The Ozeri Black Touch Sensitive Glass Kitchen Scale is available to purchase via Amazon.


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