Flat Tummy Tea Activate & Cleanse Teatox

It’s all too easy to stock up on stodge in these colder months and I notice that I eat far more carbs when the sun goes in and the heating goes on; from rice and bread to roast potatoes, comfort food is so delicious to eat yet leaves me bloated and podgy which really isn’t the look that I’m going for! So to kick my winter-body back into shape I’ve decided to go on a detox, or a teatox to be more precise for which Flat Tummy Tea have a wonderful Activate & Cleanse program.

Flat Tummy Tea Activate & Cleanse Teatox

Flat Tummy Tea Activate & Cleanse Teatox

The teatox features a natural morning and evening blend specially selected with Activate helping to reduce bloat, boost energy, suppress the appetite, increase the metabolism and up the immune system which altogether leaves me feeling great and walking with a spring in my step each morning. I find that when I feel good then I treat my body good too and in turn I then avoid naughty food as I no longer get any cravings. The evening Cleanse coneniently works its magic whilst you sleep by detoxifying and cleansing the digestive system, decreasing water retention and reducing bloat. Depending on how strong you like your tea and how effectively you’d like to cleanse you can allow the tea to infuse in boiled water for varying lengths of time, as it’s best to start with a mild infusion for a gentle cleanse and build up to full strength when your body is ready.

I find that hot drinks fill me up so much more than plain water and being vegan I’m a huge fan of natural herbal healing remedies. My body feels cleansed and refreshed when I’m teatoxing and I already notice that I’m far less bloated and go to the toilet more frequently and easily. I’m snacking far less because I feel so energetic so don’t need little energy kicks throughout the day and my cravings are pretty much non-existant as I looked at some treats earlier whilst shopping and didn’t so much as sniff them or touch the wrapper, which is a giant leap for me as I have such a love of all food that is bad for me. The resealable Flat Tummy Tea pouches and handy travel case make it perfect for popping into my handbag and when I’m out and about I order a hot water as a drink and add my tea so that I don’t ever have to stray from my health kick.

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