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As a single parent to two children, Millisent 6yrs and Gabriele 2yrs, it is safe to say that life has been an uphill struggle; from heartbreak to single-handed night-feeds, I find my power, strength and motivation comes from always pushing myself forwards and striving to be the best parent that I can for my children by never giving up. After three pregnancies I lost all of my baby weight, rebuilt my body after a breast reconstruction and fixed my heart, mind and soul with a positive can-do attitude and I have never loved life as much as I do now. I was very kindly sent this beautiful fitness attire from Forward Uprising which reads: “Sweat dries, blood clots, bones heal, suck it up Princess.” A big thumbs up because these words go straight to my heart.

Tracy Kiss For Forward Uprising Lifestyle Apparel

Tracy Kiss For Forward Uprising Lifestyle Apparel

I find Forward Uprising’s motto absolutely inspiring, as they too encourage people to always move forward, to rise up and give everything negative the big F-U, how refreshing that is to see. In their own words “Life is already riddled with obstacles that put you down physically, mentally, and emotionally, so we all need help at some point to keep us moving forward.” We can all benefit from having that rock in life, that little bit of support, driving force and determination to keep on going when the going gets tough. Finding fitness attire that is both pretty, comfortable and motivating is the icing on the cake for me.

This incredible business consists of a mother, father and two children, which started out in 2012 as a walk-in custom print shop in NJ, America. However when Hurricane Sandy hit it sadly destroyed the store within its first six months of trading, forcing them to continue the business from home. Out of the ashes of the lost print shop came Forward Uprising, a testament to never giving up no matter what. Each design is created, printed and sent out by hand, in-house, and the printing processes include screen printing, vinyl heat applied materials, direct to garment printing and embroidery. All items are made in the USA, by hand and with love and I have so much respect and admiration for such great ethics.

I adore my pretty Forward Uprising apparel and wear it with pride when I work out. Reading the words, seeing the logo and knowing the back story makes me go even harder to earn my sweat because I know how much love and attention to detail has gone into making each item. The shorts are an XS (extra small) and the vest top a S (small) $22.99 and fit perfectly. They are fantastic quality, machine washable and keep me cool whilst being stylish at the same time, so that I can really give each workout my all whilst looking and feeling great.

For more information and a full product range you can visit and contact Forward Uprising here:
Ken Wang (C.E.O)
[email protected]

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