Go Fund Me: A Bucket List For A Better Life

Fundraising can be rather challenging, not only in gaining the financial support needed from friends, family and the general public, but also in processing payments, handling personal details and promoting what you’re doing to hopefully raise as much money and awareness for the charity of your choice. I’m a keen supporter of local causes and partake in fitness inspired charity events throughout the year, which is why Go Fund Me is the perfect platform for my needs.

Go Fund Me: A Bucket List For A Better Life

Go Fund Me: A Bucket List For A Better Life

Go Fund Me is the worlds number one personal fundraising website which has successfully raised over $850,000,000 to date. The site is free, quick and easy to use, taking just minutes to set up your profile and stating your reason for fundraising. Naturally you would expect fundraising for charity to be high up on the list, but Go Fund Me can be also used for personal reasons too, with the most popular being medical funding, home emergencies, extending education, memorials, holding events, permitting travel, helping newlyweds and preparing for a pregnancy. For whatever reason you might need money, you’re able to advertise and promote your cause to the public.

As a single parent family my two wonderful children and I have helped many charities, donating food to the homeless, raising funds for disabled children and cancer patients, taking part in charity bike rides and organising public family fun days and fundraisers. It’s not easy raising two young children alone but it’s my mission as a parent to make them the most loving, kind and compassionate people who will continue to help others and give back to the world. Giving to charity and helping those in need is something I feel very strongly about, yet signing up for relays, races and events costs money for administration fees and kit as a contributor, and that’s before you even begin fundraising for the charity you’re actually helping.

I have a bucket list of things I would like to do and lessons I would like to teach my children whilst raising money for good causes and giving back to the world. I would love to do a charity skydive, climb mountains and walk the Great Wall of China, but having children is costly and I can only do so much alone. The money that I hope to raise through my Go Fund Me page will be used to chip away at my bucket list for the benefit and awareness of charities, and I’m open to suggestions as to who to fundraise for, with your kind support I will give my blood, sweat and tears to enter events and make a true difference to the world.

I’m very keen on fitness and leading a healthy active lifestyle and love fashion and giving women confidence in their bodies, especially those who have had children and feel insecure in their appearance. I would like to one day set up a fashion label to empower and inspire women to feel good about themselves which would in turn help to support my wonderful children for their future so that we can continue on our path of life, love and learning. I’d also like to look into providing a community cafe which supports local business, produce and those who perhaps can’t afford to drink at mainstream coffee shops or attend social events. Having donated my time to helping at hospices I realise how important it is to give people a warm and friendly environment to forget their troubles and enjoy the company of others. I daydream over a rustic rural cafe serving healthy clean and fresh food at honest prices, cutting out the retail middleman and being affordable and welcoming to all.

So these are my main goals for my Go Fund Me Page, to help others and make a positive difference to the world. Donating is safe and easy with no information shared to third parties and the option to remain anonymous or leave a special message to the page owner if required. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to check out my profile and hope that you may spare a kind donation to my fund, please share my page across your social media to raise awareness if you wouldn’t mind. Within my first day I have already raised £100.00 from a very kind donor for which I have now booked my place on a 60km charity bike ride in June 2015 in support of a Stoke Mandeville based charity, Wheelpower, to help disabled children and adults to stay mobile.

UPDATE: 28/03/15 Mix96 Tour De Vale Sponsored Bike Ride In Support Of WheelPower

Mix96 Tour De Vale Sponsored Bike Ride In Support Of WheelPower

Mix96 Tour De Vale Sponsored Bike Ride In Support Of WheelPower

I am incredibly excited to have registered to take part in the Mix96 Tour De Vale Sponsored Bike Ride In Support Of WheelPower on Sunday 7th June 2015, which is a charity cycle event raising funds and awareness for disabled children and adults, based in Stoke Mandeville. I did this event last year as it was the first time I’d rode a bike since I was a child, I entered the 25k (15miles) race and raised just under £100.00 for WheelPower. So this year I’m not only hoping to top my athletic ability in miles but also the funds raised and beat last years total.

All funds received through my Go Fund Me from now until June 7th will be donated to this wonderful charity, and I hope that you will continue to kindly support me in supporting others because together we can change the lives of so many and make such an incredible difference. I will now begin training for the 60k (37miles) cycle event and keep you up to date with my progress, as well as going to meet the charity and the many people that they help. So please help me to promote this wonderful cause by sharing the event details across your social media. Thank you again for your support!



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