Graze Protein Box

When it comes to snacking I’m a bit of a greedy piggy and can’t resist diving into a bag of pretzels, salted peanuts or crackers if I have them in the cupboard to kill my cravings for a treat between meals. Although I don’t snack on a daily basis more as a binge that starts on cheat-day, I realise that I could switch up my nibbles for something a little more healthy and nutritionally balanced to support my lifestyle which is why the new Protein Box from Graze is right up my street!

Graze Protein Box

Graze Protein Box

The Graze box comes delivered through the letterbox with a random selection of four of the dishes that I’ve pre-approved first on the Graze website. Being vegan I was able to select my dietary requirements which provided me with a photographic menu and ingredient break-down of each selection that was appropriate for me which made it an incredibly quick and easy process. After marking each food in order of priority as something I’d like to bin, try, like, love or send soon I was then able to choose how often I’d receive my snack box for which I picked once a week and my first box arrived today. Although I’d approved my menu I didn’t know which dishes would arrive until it plopped onto my doormat as the box is conveniently sized to fit through a letterbox. The four dishes that I received today were titled Three Seed Protein Flapjack, Omega Booster Seeds, Vegetable Power and Cracking Black Pepper Cashews. The box also has a nutritional facts sheet to list the ingredients and stats of each dish breaking it down into energy, fats, carbohydrates, fibre, protein and salt content, along with two £5.00 gift vouchers to give to my friends and family and a welcome booklet giving an overview of what Graze do.

The 132 calorie Vegetable Power punnet consists of spiced chickpeas, edamame beans and black pepper cashews which are a great source of plant based protein containing a very healthy 7g. The chickpeas are beautifully light, crisp and crunchy with a nice little kick of heat from the chilli coating that isn’t too intense to need water. The edamame beans are dressed with palm oil and salt and have such a mellow, mild crunch that balances out the spicy chickpeas, and the black pepper cashews are the perfect accompaniment; smooth, warm and firey with a little hint of lemon that brings the whole dish to life. The 222 calorie Cracking Black Pepper Cashews punnet contains black pepper cashews, roasted cashews and redskin peanuts and is the most nut-orientated punnet in this protein selection. Being a great source of vitamins and minerals too I happily nibble my way through them with a nice cup of green tea at my desk. I’m already a huge fan of the black pepper cashews which have such a savoury mild heat and when mixed with unsalted roasted cashews you get a wonderful balance of smooth and spiced with each mouthful. I always find that redskin peanuts have a sweet milky taste that is fresh and vibrant and they very much put me in mind of eating peas straight from the pod as a child. This lovely selection is a light and uplifting treat that certainly controls my savoury cravings in the afternoon.

I am a huge fan of seeds and the 203 calorie Omega Booster Seeds contain a whopping 62% of your daily guideline of Omega 3 as well as vitamins, minerals and protein. Consisting of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and linseed’s this raw and natural selection is light, uplifting and moreishly snackable. I love eating these seeds with a teaspoon as that way you get a mix of all three and they’re creamy, slightly sweet and nicely textured. They also taste great when sprinkled over a salad, on top of a cereal or mixed into soup. Finally the naughtiest part of my protein box is the Original Protein Flapjack which contains 252 calories and is packed with rolled oats, pumpkin seeds and linseeds. With 8g of protein and a great source of fibre these make a wonderful breakfast cereal replacement or late afternoon snack with a cup of tea and have very much the same benefits of the Omega Booster Seeds with the added luxury of tasting sweet. The oats are soft and chewy, nicely succulent and packed full of seeds with every bite being a wonderful balance of soft and chewy, sweet and creamy and rustically textured to kick those sugar cravings that creep up throughout the day.

My Graze Protein Box has been delicious, a wonderful snack to keep in my desk that I can nibble on throughout the day to keep me away from the treat cupboard, and not only does it stop me from eating fatty, high-calorie foods that are unhealthy but it also tastes delicious, is packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins and helps to support my healthy balanced lifestyle everyday. The individually sealed punnets are great for popping into my handbag or lunchbox and the recipes are natural and quirky which keeps them fresh and interesting to nibble on.

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