Hair Burst Vitamins For Hair Growth

Your hair is the one accessory that you take everywhere with you, and I match mine to my bag, shoes and jewellery so it’s important to keep it looking tame at the very least. I used to dye and straighten my hair religiously which left me with ridiculous split ends, fly-away wispy strands and frazzled frizz every morning before piling on my products. As I’m only a few years away from turning thirty it’s high time that I started taking care of what Mother Nature gave me, and thanks to Hair Burst I can give her a helping hand by nourishing my hair from within.

Hair Burst Vitamins For Hair Growth

Hair Burst Vitamins For Hair Growth

The vitamins have been specially formulated to help you to grow stronger, longer hair; nourishing from within they improve the overall health of each strand by supporting the hairs elasticity to reduce breakage. The capsules themselves are white smooth pods that are easily swallowed with water and don’t sit or stick in the throat.

Each pot contains 60 capsules for which you take two capsules each day, I take one with breakfast and the other with dinner. Already I’m noticing a difference in the condition of my hair, and oddly enough I’m not having to wash it as often, as I would usually wash it every other day when it starts to become greasy and flat, but since taking Hair Burst I’m washing my hair every three to four days instead and it looks naturally shiny and healthy without having to cake it in serum to smooth out the frizz.

I’ve noticed that my plughole in the shower doesn’t have as much hair each time after I shower, as I usually have to scoop it out to stop the water from blocking up, but as my hair is now properly nourished it’s holding firm in place rather than snapping off or dropping out as much as before. Hair Burst also offer a rolling subscription to provide monthly vitamins to their customers worldwide and are fast becoming the most influential brand in hair care, it’s pretty clear to see why!
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