Hair Rev Dietary Supplements For Healthy Growing Hair

I have spent literally my entire life hating my hair, from bleaching it peroxide blonde in my teens to chopping, curling, straightening and stressing my hair ever since. My natural hair colour is a 7 which is a dark blonde bordering on light brown and rather uninteresting, it dries out easily and after having two children has become very fine. I have handfuls of hair fall out in the shower which really freaks me out, and my hair has a horrible frizz to it after its washed, possibly from scorching it with straighteners, blasting it with my hairdryer or snapping it with my comb that makes ripping and pinging sounds as I drag out my knots. If I use oils or sprays to tame the frizz and split ends then my hair flattens down to my head and looks greasy and wispy, far worse than before it was washed and tamed. So at 27yrs old something had to give, which is why I started using the Hair Rev Dietary Supplements For Healthy Growing Hair.

Hair Rev Dietary Supplements For Healthy Growing Hair

Hair Rev Dietary Supplements For Healthy Growing Hair

It wasn’t that I was trying to damage my hair before or be unkind, more that I didn’t realise how harmful my daily routine really was, and more importantly just how precious hair growth is. The first thing I did was visit my hairdresser and have my dead and split ends removed. My hair was just down to my bra line and the hairdresser asked me what I’d like to do about the length, I explained I wanted to grow it so requested she only take a little off for what was needed. And I was more than a little shocked when several minutes later my hair was cut just below my shoulders in length, some several inches shorter, because it was so tortured that it all had to come off.

Quite shocked by my new length, I despairingly asked the hairdresser why my hair was so bad, I hadn’t bleached it since my teens, I hardly ever wore it up incase an elastic band dug in and damaged it, and I only straightened it a couple of times a week instead of every other day when I wash it. She explained that hair takes a very long time to grow and needs to be treated carefully and lovingly as the damage you do effects years and years of growth. She also suggested that I use a soft paddle brush instead of a comb so that it has flex and give and can untangle my hair rather than it stretching it to snapping point from the pressure of brushing. She also slapped me on the wrist and told me to see her more often, as I always though when you wanted to grow your hair longer you have it cut less, when in fact healthier hair grows longer quicker, and removing dead split ends every six weeks prevents the damage from travelling up the shaft of the hair and wrecking it all.

So as of my new trim I then totally stopped using my hair straighteners and hair dryer, instead choosing to towel dried my hair from the shower, brushing it with a soft paddle brush and appling a small amount of argan oil to the mid length and ends which helps to tame frizz and split ends in dry and damaged hair. Instead of washing my hair once a day I now wash it every two to three days depending on how it looks and where I’m going, this way the natural oils aren’t stripped away. And finally I addressed my vegetarian diet for which I lack in calcium, protein and certain vitamins, supplementing my hair with the Hair Rev Dietary Supplements For Healthy Growing Hair, and I have had the most amazing results which just keep getting better and better.

Instead of using more and more hair products to tame my frizz and mask my damaged hair, I simply stopped causing the damage and started nourishing and supplementing my hair properly and it’s returning some of the the strength, body and volume that I had as a child. No more harsh chemicals, no more baskets of expensive hair products or extensions, just nature, time and vitamins to support my own healthy locks from within. Hair Rev use just a few key ingredients to maintain optimum hair condition, some of which are biotin, a key supplement in improving the keratin levels in your body which lead to healthy growing hair. It also improves hair elasticity and protects it from dryness whilst helping to thicken the hair. Zinc keeps the hair follicles strong, whilst calcium very importantly stimulates communication between cells promoting healthy growth. Finally folic acid maintains the colour and growth of the hair keeping it glossy and bright. There are also plenty of vitamins in the mix, including Vitamin B, B1, B2, B6 and B12 which are all antioxidant and play a vital role in healthy hair growth as deficiency in these vitamins can lead to hair loss. Vitamin A is another antioxidant, great for your hair and scalp health to prevent it from drying out. Vitamin C deficiencies can cause hair that is weak, lusterless, and prone to breakage so these really boost you up, and finally vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium preventing hair shedding.

Naturally seeing a change in the health of your hair takes time, and it’s something that you have to be dedicated to, changing your daily routine and supplementing your diet properly. With each day that passes you’re one step closer to thicker, fuller and naturally healthy hair. In the first month of taking the Hair Rev supplements the first stage begins from within as the hair length, vitality and thickness begins to improve from introducing your body to the natural vitamins that assist with re-hydrating and revitalising your hair. Between one to three months of supplementing the health of the hair improves as the rate of growth increases, giving you an optimal rate of constant growth as the hair continues to develop with strength and thickness instead of slowing down and breaking. From three months onwards the hair growth, thickness and health begin to maintain, supporting and nourishing the hair you have grown and continuing to protect and make more of it.

Much like growing a flower, once the stem has grown and the leaves and flower have opened you don’t then stop watering and feeding it or it will wither and die, to get the most from your hair and enjoy it for its true potential you must care for and protect it. Proper hair care doesn’t involve trying to repair the damage with expensive products after it’s already done, it’s far better to avoid causing the damage in the first place and supplement its natural healthy growth and development thereafter.

For a months supply of Hair Rev Dietary Supplements it costs just £19.99 which amounts to 90 smooth brown powder tablets that are simple to swallow and don’t leave a nasty aftertaste like other tablets. As you take one with breakfast, lunch and dinner it’s easy to remember when to take them and the small pot can fit inside a handbag easily for on the go.
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