Harley Street MD Heart Shaped Lip Fillers

Kylie Jenner’s lips have caused quite the controversy in the fashion industry as she famously denied using fillers to achieve her impressively plump pout despite being naturally thin-lipped. Where fillers were once regarded as a woman’s best kept secret and seen as something to deny having in favour of pretending any enhancements are indeed natural, times have now changed and are far more accepting and understanding of temporary fillers. Essentially the more we talk about them, give feedback and challenge opinions and practises the better the products and service become. Dr Chia Tan of Harley Street MD has an incredibly talented and aesthetically pleasing approach to contemporary cosmetic procedures.

Harley Street MD Heart Shaped Lip Fillers

I’ve had lip fillers for the past few years now and have always wanted to keep the results very natural looking and discreet as I have a thin upper lip with little shape or definition. I therefore have lip fillers to correct the asymmetry and add subtle volume but with juicy plump pouts being highly fashionable this season I decided to bite the bullet and try something different. Speaking with Dr Tan prior to my treatment we discussed my desire to have larger lips which would alter my appearance and look obviously fake but on purpose. Whilst it may or may not have suited me I felt assured that using temporary fillers meant that the results would gradually diminish with time and if the new look really wasn’t for me then I would only have it for a handful of months before the filler dissolved away and the size reduced.

Harley Street MD Heart Cannula & Thread Lip Filler Technique

Dr Tan uses a very unique method to create heart-shaped lips which gives the upper lip an ‘m’ shape by enhancing the cupids bow and a ‘v’ shape to the lower lip by creating an indentation in the middle for a more voluptuously feminine pout. His method involves administering a local anaesthetic to the inside of the mouth – much like visiting a dentist – to entirely numb the area so that he can insert a cannula at either side of the mouth. The cannula creates a hole for the filler needle to pass through to only use two insertion points and therefore minimise the risk of infection, bruising and complications. He then marks the midpoint of the face onto the chin and places a piece of dental thread between the middle bottom teeth which he pulls taut to create an indentation in the bottom lip.

Harley Street MD Heart Shaped Lip Filler Results

Using Juvederm filler he passes the needle back and forth within the lip injecting filler in fine strands to create the heart shaped lips. This method allows for a smooth and natural fill to the lip as opposed to using multiple injection sites where filler can commonly ball up and become lumpy in areas. This process takes a couple of minutes longer to administer than traditional fillers but the results are amazing and I love how shapely my new lips are. By using a local anaesthetic the treatment is pain free and results can last up to 6 months depending on the individual. It’s not often that I change my appearance as when I find something that works for me then I tend to become a creature of habit and stick to it, but heart shaped lip filler are certainly something I’ll continue to do and I’m thankful that to have an understanding and skilled aesthetic doctor who was able to help to to discover this.

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  • Thank you for making and sharing this post for us all. You do such a great job. So natural. Its the kind of thing that isn’t overtly noticeable but does so much for the patients confidence.

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