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You can visit InchSimple’s website here!

Since having my two children, my daughter is five years old and my son ten months, I have started exercising to drop my baby weight and tone up; but as I put on four stones with my second pregnancy and my stomach inflated to the size of a small house I could do with a little helping hand in firming up the last few inches of soft skin around my stomach and thighs.

So when a leaflet came through my front door for a new toning company in town called InchSimple I was more than a little curious to find out how it works and eagerly booked an appointment to test out their power plate and belt. When I workout at the gym I normally wear jogging bottoms, a vest top and trainers, at home I wear just a sports bra, knickers and bare feet and as I prepared myself for a shakeathon on the power plate today I decided to wear leggings, a jumper and socks which was a bonus to feel so comfortable and not need any special clothing or footwear.

The Leaflet I Received From InchSimple: Aylesbury

The Leaflet I Received From InchSimple: Aylesbury

InchSimple was surprisingly easy to find, just a stones throw away from the town centre of Aylesbury next to the BP garage on the Bicester Road at the industrial area of Townsend Piece. There is free private, ample customer car parking directly outside the unit where Luca and I were greeted by a warm and welcoming member of staff. We were shown down a short corridor to the treatment room and asked if we’d like tea, coffee or water before being given a safety briefing and asked to complete a health questionnaire.

And then I stepped up onto the power plate and the board beneath my feet began to shake from side to side sending every soft part of my body into a jelly frenzy in a warm fuzzy kind of huggable feeling and it felt amazing. There were three speeds to the machine, the slow allowed me to gain my feet as my legs steadied themselves along with the rhythm, the medium speed made the vibration travel up to my chest and the high speed made my whole body hum and my voice sound like a bleating lamb when I spoke.

I was amazed at how easy it was to stand still whilst holding onto the hand rail, knowing that my entire body was having the most intense workout and not having to put any effort in at all. In just fifteen minutes on the power plate you match the equivalent of an hours workout and burn around four-hundred and fifty calories without batting an eyelid or breaking a sweat! This is my kind of workout!

After my first several minutes on the power plate I was asked if I’d like to try some different positions to target on key muscle groups and happily switched between the positions shown on the chart in front of me. None of the poses were strenuous, I never felt dizzy or unstable, and the whole time I was on the plate the vibrations made me aware of every muscle in my body. It wasn’t uncomfortable or unpleasant at all, and after a few minutes your body kind of forgets that you’re wobbling and it feels so normal.

I Worked Every Muscle In My Body Whilst Using The Power Plate

I Worked Every Muscle In My Body Whilst Using The Power Plate

After completing my forty-five minute session on the power plate I was feeling invigorated and stimulated, every muscle had been awoken and my circulation felt so fluid. The staff talked me through it’s benefits of weight loss, cellulite reduction, increased metabolism, improved circulation, improved muscle strength, toning the entire body, reduces thread veins, boosts natural collagen, improves the appearance of skin, improves bone density, lowers stress, improves balance and co-ordination, soothes arthritis, improves flexibility, reduces back pain, helps to treat osteoporosis, helps with fluid drainage, and strengthens tissue! Wow, and all I had to do was stand on the spot!

I then moved onto the power belt which was a loop of material placed around my stomach that I stood forward into as it shook and it had me in hysterics. The belt can be used over a variety of different areas on the body but as I wanted to concentrate on my stomach I stood facing outwards from the machine as it shook me to and fro. And in the middle region of the body, having a belt vibrating so fast sends funny signals to your insides which let’s just say I totally wasn’t expecting! 🙂

Experiencing The Power Belt For The First Time At InchSimple

Experiencing The Power Belt For The First Time At InchSimple

It then moved onto my legs with a series of little rollers that vibrated across my thighs and it was a very relaxing and liberating feeling, it took away all of my aches and pains and left me feeling massaged and alive and I loved every minute of it because it’s not something that I would have ever been able to do at home and it reached areas of my body that I couldn’t have given the same amount of attention to myself.

The  Power Belt Was Also Used To Tone My Thighs

The Power Belt Was Also Used To Tone My Thighs

Even Luca got on the power plate and did some press-ups and lunges which he enjoyed just as much as I did and the price makes it so affordable and easy to do. It’s something that we may not have tried if we’d have had access to the equipment in a gym as some people might feel a bit silly or self-conscious getting wobbled in front of the public, but InchSimple is private and enclosed so it wasn’t a problem for either of us. They also do pamper evenings where you can get a group of your friends together for some treatments and healthy nibbles as they also do non-invasive ultrasonic lipo, swedish massage, reiki healing and body wraps so there’s something for everyone.

I Had A Great Time At My First InchSImple Appointment And Can't Wait To Go Back!

I Had A Great Time At My First InchSImple Appointment And Can’t Wait To Go Back!

I’m surprised that Luca had just as much fun as me today which goes to show that men can benefit from a good wobble too, and it was something nice for us to do together whilst the children were with their grandparents. I can’t wait to go back and have another session and will be stopping in next time we do the weekly food shop in town! Make sure you pop in and take a look guys and girls, what a breath of fresh air InchSimple is!

You can visit InchSimple’s website here!

As you can see, I like to share the fun and amazing things that I do with the world. Not only does it inform others of what’s available in the local area and nationwide, but it also helps to support and strengthen local business. I love reading online reviews and checking out things before I buy them so I hope that you find mine helpful. If you would like me to do a review on a product, service, experience or day out for your business I would be happy to help free of charge simply contact me here!

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